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5 Steps for Digging Your Way out of Despair

By Michael Anderson, founder of Executive Joy and guest contributor

I hope you won’t ever need this article. But chances are, you will.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse all visited me at the same time: divorce, a really nasty business lawsuit, drugs, and alcohol all hit me hard. It led to depression.

Fortunately, it was right after I joined EO. That might have saved my life. It saved my business, that’s for sure. That experience and my studies in Spiritual Psychology have given me tools to share with others.

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How to Make Your Business Look Bigger Than It Is

By Heather Baker, an EO UK-London member and managing director of TopLine Communications

While attending a recent EO event, I met a woman who runs a social media company that employs more than 400 people. Her list of clients included household names and types of brands that everyone wants to work for. She told me that when she started, she knew she could never win the business she wanted as a one-woman-band working from her kitchen. When a prospective client wanted a meeting, she would suggest they meet her in the lobby of a major company’s headquarters, saying she was working from a client’s office that day. This was enough to overcome her “we’re too small for you” complex, and led her to bigger and better things. It got me thinking: In what other ways can you make your company look larger to attract more clients? Read moreRead more


The Heart of Business

em>By David Frayer, an EO Oklahoma member and president of The Key

Most businesses measure success based on revenue, profit and shareholders’ return. We all still need financial success to continue what we do, but the exciting changes I’ve seen in my life and business mean that another measure of success is needed: Is your heart successful?

Yes, I said “heart.”

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Cultivating the Next Class of Entrepreneurs

It starts with a single idea, one fortified over time through action. Before long, a concept turns into a company, and the entrepreneurial journey begins. Most business owners look to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) for the direction they need along the way. For those entrepreneurs still attending high school, college or university, they use the EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (EO GSEA) as their compass, where they receive the resources and mentorship needed to truly thrive. Read moreRead more

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Sales Tips: How to Use Better “Tie Downs”

By Mike Brooks, special to Overdrive

You’ve probably heard that nothing identifies you more as a salesperson than using the clichéd greeting, “How are you today?” right? Prospects know immediately who is calling, and they can’t wait to get you off the phone. You know what else identifies you as a salesperson? Using any of the following worn-out “tie downs”:
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