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5 Biggest Mistakes

A Business Lesson for the Optimistic Idea Monkey

By Mike Maddock, an EO Chicago member and president of Maddock Douglas, Inc.

In 2002, the fecal matter officially hit the fan at Maddock Douglas. During a brutal three-month period, the firm I had founded 11 years before lost 45 percent of its revenue. For our people, it was like watching a train wreck. Three of our biggest clients took a right turn that we didn’t anticipate; one was acquired, one was getting out of the business we supported, and the other was being downsized by investors.

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andrea culligan

5 Steps to a Successful Retail Brand

By Andrea Culligan, an EO Sydney member and CEO of Hart Effect

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing Megan Quinn, co-Founder of Net-a-Porter, speak to a group of entrepreneurs. To make the event even more captivating, Rodeo Show opened their warehouse doors for us to witness one of the most celebrated speakers in Australia at the moment. Read moreRead more


Business Growth through Engagement

By Fernando Gonzalez, an EO Colombia member and vice president of strategic planning at Solutions Group S.A.

It was 2007, and my marketing and outsourcing firm, Solutions Group, was about to go bankrupt. I was facing a tremendous amount of pressure from my partner, not to mention personal, family and health-related problems, on account of all the stress. We had debts all over town, owing banks and third parties close to US$1 million. Added to the pressure were the 120 employees that relied on us for their livelihoods, dreams that would be dashed if we didn’t recover. We were in shock, to say the least. Read moreRead more


Four Steps to a Successful 360-Degree Hiring Process

By Marissa Levin, an EO Chesapeake Bay member and CEO of Information Experts

A client asked me, “Marissa, should I involve my other employees in the interviewing process?” My answer was an enthusiastic YES. From the intern to the executive, the CEO should never unilaterally own a hiring decision.

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Building a “Best Place to Work”

By Tom Salonek, an EO Minnesota member and CEO of Intertech

An engaged approach to human resources makes all the difference to your bottom line and work environment. As the founder and CEO of Intertech, a software development and training firm—and 10-time winner of The Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” award—I know a thing or two about creating and sustaining a high-performance culture. Here are a few of the strategies we’ve adopted to cultivate a work environment that’s built to thrive: Read moreRead more