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Job-Sharing as a Retention Tool

By Akhil Shahani, an EO Mumbai member and director of the Shahani Group

You have a handful of employees you really value but who want to leave— not to take up another job, but to do more with their lives. They like working for you, but are simply unable to find time for other things like family, leisure and personal pursuits, and have therefore decided to choose one over the other. But it need not be that way. By implementing a job-sharing arrangement, both employers and employees can find a simple solution to their problem. Read moreRead more

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A Review of Life and Business after Divorce

By John Finegan, founder and owner of Beck Ag and a member of EO Sacramento

Divorce after 22 years of marriage turned my world upside down! The ordeal which lasted more than two years inspired me to reevaluate what it’s all about: relationships, mission, purpose, beliefs, family, friends, career and simply, life in general.

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Insights from an EO Spouse

By Katty Douraghy, an EO Los Angeles spouse

My husband, Jamie, has been an EO Los Angeles member for more than 10 years, and has held several leadership positions within the organization. Ever since he became a member, EO has been an active topic of conversation in our household. I’ve seen firsthand the transformational effect EO has had on him, both at home and at work. Needless to say, I wanted to experience that incredible value for myself! Read moreRead more

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Facing up to Tough Decisions

Jamie Gerdsen, an EO Cincinnati member and CEO of Apollo Home

Many years ago, I began to question and doubt the performance of one of my senior manager’s performance. It started with little things such as, his missing the odd detail, but it escalated to failing to schedule reviews for three or four months, and not calling back key customers.

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Give Your Forum a Boost

By Gene Robertson, an EO Nashville member and president of Nhance

Need a Forum boost? Consider trying a personal SWOT analysis! SWOT, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, is a well-known analysis process that urges business leaders to identify these elements to assess their company and competition. This process forces employers to think deeply about their businesses as the first step in formulating strategies to reach their goals. Read moreRead more