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Tips for Maximizing Your Time

By Noah B. Rosenfarb, CPA, an EO South Florida member and CFO of Freedom Business Advisors, LLC

As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly looking for ways to increase my personal productivity and bring that knowledge to my clients and friends. In my work enhancing the productivity of CEOs, I’ve found the biggest gains can be achieved by implementing time management systems and calendar optimizations. However, for many people, using a few of the below technology tools can free up an hour or two a week without over committing to a structured regimen:

  1. Voice memos – Often, between meetings—and especially on the road—I need to communicate to someone on my team, but I don’t want to call them (I don’t usually have the time to enter into a polite exchange). In lieu of typing a lengthy email, I use the recording option on my phone to dictate my message. When finished, I can forward that voice recording to the appropriate people. Read moreRead more

EO Member Spotlight: David Vidal, CEO of Brägger & Thomann AG

In this special post, we interviewed EO Switzerland – Zurich member David Vidal about joining the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and the value of his membership.

  1. What do you do for fun when you’re not working on your business?
    “When I’m not running my business, I love spending time with my friends. I also enjoy cooking, playing golf and participating in activities that let me talk!” Read moreRead more

The Power of Books as Development Tools

By Beth Miller, an EO Elumni and Overdrive contributor

Last year at a Fortune Growth Summit, I was captivated by a video that featured Arnie Malham, Founder and President of cj Advertising.

Arnie, like many entrepreneurs, is constantly in search of new ideas that might work for their company. Early in his career, Arnie was in sales and read the book “Swim with the Sharks.” As he relates his story, he got more out of reading that book than the four years he spent in college. Read moreRead more

Scott Skinger

Shake Up Your Business Model

By Scott Skinger an EO Chicago Elumni and president of Train Signal, Inc.

Last year, my information technology training company, TrainSignal, was raking in profits. Since I first bootstrapped the company 10 years ago, we had managed to grow our revenues every year, and have been profitable since 2003. That’s when I decided to transform TrainSignal from a DVD model to an online SaaS subscription model. Making the switch, I knew we stood to potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars for up to a year. But like many entrepreneurs out there, I first founded my company with a crystal clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish. Read moreRead more

David Goldfarb

Safeguard Against Major Loss with Diversification

By David Goldfarb, an EO South Florida member and president of PrimeTime Amusements

I recently read a quote: “A business these days is a volatile thing…There might be no way to insure that your business will never be without problems or down turns, but there are a few tactics that might help to safeguard it against a major loss. One of these tactics is diversification.”

For me and my team at PrimeTime Amusements, a global operator, seller and renter of video arcade machines and simulators based in South Florida, this tactic of diversification has been critical. Read moreRead more