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Do This in the Morning and Be More Productive All Day

By the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), in partnership with Inc.

Everyone has a unique way of starting their day off on the proverbial right foot. What do successful entrepreneurs do every morning to ensure they are über-effective at getting things done? Several EO members shared their tips and tricks for maximum productivity. Read moreRead more


Visualizing Your Success

By Jamie Gerdsen, an EO Cincinnati member and CEO of Apollo Home

If I had to pick one tool that’s helped me achieve the most success in business, it’s visualization. By visualizing how your industry is changing and what future customers will demand, you can position your company in the best place to satisfy them. Visualization can also help you see how an added service might impact your business, what increased staffing levels might offer, how cost-cutting might impact services, and so on. So how do you use visualization as a tool for business growth? Read moreRead more


Customer Service – How to Give It and Get It

By Ian Ford, special to Overdrive and partner at, LC

Whether running an online business, a hardware store or a service-oriented organization, practicing and maintaining quality customer service is the key to success for any entrepreneur. That was tough this past fiscal year, when customers around the world faced a struggling economy. Many drastically cut their budgets, paid off their debt and scraped to build their savings. As a result, when they go to make a purchase in this new era of frugality, they are demanding higher levels of service. Read moreRead more


Putting Other People First

By Robert Verdun, special to Overdrive and president of Computerized Facility Integration (CFI)

Sometimes as a business owner, you have to take a step back from work and really see how good you have things. I did that recently, and I learned a valuable lesson in the process. In November, an entrepreneur friend of mine, Brandy, and I were talking about how hard some people have it, what with the economy, people losing their homes, financial troubles, etc. As we talked, we realized we had an opportunity to give back and help those less fortunate. We didn’t just want to write a check; we wanted to dive in and really help someone. Read moreRead more


Mitigating Risk in Your Business

By Brian Scudamore, an EO Vancouver member and founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Last year a massive power outage affected much of the downtown Vancouver area for a few days near the Junktion, the corporate headquarters and call center for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Fortunately, we were not directly affected by the outage, but the incident did accelerate my plans for a disaster recovery strategy; one that would ensure our call center service would never be interrupted. Read moreRead more