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Telecommuting: Is it Right for You?

By an Overdrive contributor

You may not be ready to run your business in your pajamas and bedroom slippers, but you probably have heard about how telecommuting (working from home) can increase productivity, save money, and even lead to happier, more loyal employees. It’s a great option when weather “events” (as the local weathermen dub them) make going to the office challenging. Even the federal government has jumped on the telecommuting bandwagon when the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 was signed into law late last year.

Telecommuting makes sense from a lot of angles, but success depends on the role, your type of business, your corporate culture, and the personality of the particular employee.

How do you know who will make the ideal virtual employee? Ask yourself these key questions


Know the Difference Between Customer Service and Complaint Resolution

By Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, Overdrive contributors and founders of Barefoot Wine

These days, most companies have anything ranging from one person to a whole department dedicated to so-called “customer service.” But let’s be honest: For many of these departments, truly gratifying service isn’t on the menu. They’re more like “complaint resolution” departments. They take calls or answer emails from unhappy customers and then try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible (often relying on a script or protocol), then move on to the next. Read moreRead more

The cosmonaut

Reasons Why it is Important for Entrepreneurs to be Creative

By Andrew Cravenho, an Overdrive contributor and CEO of CBAC

One of the last things that people expect from leaders and entrepreneurs is creativity.

In fact, it is quite hard to find a manager being lauded for bringing a dash of creativity to problem-solving in the boardroom.

More often than not, it is assumed that being creative is the forte of only those in the design or the writing domain. This, however, only limits the skill set and the mindset of the entrepreneur. Read moreRead more


B-IMPRESSIVE: Tell Your Employees How to Stand Out!

By Ken Fowler, an EO Brisbane member and managing director at B Series Recruitment

Sometimes you need to give your staff guidance so they know what constitutes a great performance.

Funnily enough, many don’t actually know, and think that turning up on time and staying until 5pm is going “beyond the call of duty”.

Try some of these suggestions to start the New Year on a positive note.


TED Talks: Eddie Obeng’s “Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World”

By Jamie Hughes, an Account Manager at Speakers Corner

TED Talks have gradually become a fruitful new resource for entrepreneurs, marketeers and financiers and many have benefited from discovering inspirational talks from speakers. This TED Talk may not guarantee immediate success but will certainly inspire you to make important changes for your business.

Eddie Obeng’s “Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World”
Read moreRead more