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Facing up to Tough Decisions

Jamie Gerdsen, an EO Cincinnati member and CEO of Apollo Home

Many years ago, I began to question and doubt the performance of one of my senior manager’s performance. It started with little things such as, his missing the odd detail, but it escalated to failing to schedule reviews for three or four months, and not calling back key customers.

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Give Your Forum a Boost

By Gene Robertson, an EO Nashville member and president of Nhance

Need a Forum boost? Consider trying a personal SWOT analysis! SWOT, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, is a well-known analysis process that urges business leaders to identify these elements to assess their company and competition. This process forces employers to think deeply about their businesses as the first step in formulating strategies to reach their goals. Read moreRead more


EO Q&A: A Roadmap to Member Growth

By Kris Marshall, an EO Detroit member and EO Accelerator graduate

When it comes to your EO membership, you get what you’re willing to put into it. No one knows that more than Kris Marshall, an EO Accelerator graduate and the first woman to serve as Chapter President in EO Detroit’s history. In this interview, Kris speaks to the value of EO Accelerator, the significance of EO Mentorship and the benefits associated with member leadership. Read moreRead more

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Why (Some) Entrepreneurs Underperform

This posting is excerpted from a speech EO speaker Jim Randel gave to EO New York.

Being an entrepreneur is tough … very tough. There are a myriad of reasons why some entrepreneurs make it big and others do not. In my speech, I spoke about the organic reasons why some business owners fall short of their goals. This message is not about capital or the economic climate; rather, it’s about those individual characteristics that keep some entrepreneurs performing below their potential. Read moreRead more


The Magic of Inbound Marketing

By Rob Rawson, an EO Sydney member and Chief of Staff of

Sales trainers will often tell stories of superstar salespeople who sit on the phone all day, calling random strangers and overcoming various objections to make sales. The reality is that cold-calling is dead. In my experience, any marketing effort that has you approaching cold customers and asking them to do business with you is a lot of effort for very little reward. Getting customers to come to you, better known as “inbound marketing,” is another approach. Inbound marketing is all about becoming the information hub for your industry. Here are some efforts that can help you do just that: Read moreRead more