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Meaningful “All Company” Meetings

By Frank Tommaso, an EO Southeast Virginia member, and founder and chief innovation officer of Blu Skyy Realty

According to the American Management Association and meeting experts, companies call too many meetings and most are a waste of time. Mainly, they cite the lack of planning and effective administration for why most meetings are so bad and unproductive.

What does it take to run an effective and meaningful meeting where you invite your entire staff? The one simple ingredient is: preparation. I spend no less than 2 hours planning and practicing for each “all company” meeting at Blu Skyy Realty. At the end of the meeting, I want each person, no matter their role in my company, to feel uplifted, connected, and ready to be an active participant in our mission. Read moreRead more


Father-Son Complete the White Continent Marathon in Antarctica

By Mark Moses, an EO Orange County member and founding partner at CEO Coaching International

Ever since my kids were two years old, I have enjoyed getting away with them for some quality time together, one on one – and earlier this month, my 14-year-old son, Mason, and I shared a truly epic and outrageous adventure at the bottom of the earth: We completed the White Continent Marathon in Antarctica with about 60 others from around the world.

This was Mason’s first marathon, and it was no walk in the park. As it turned out, our story became as much about getting there and dealing with the elements as about running the marathon itself.

Read moreRead more


When Caring is the Work

By Dan Moshe, an EO Minnesota member and CEO of Tech Guru

It’s never just another day at the office around here. On any given morning, breakfast eggs are cooked to order, personal goals are discussed and nurtured, and continuing professional education is par for the course. When we decided to make Tech Guru’s business about caring, it had to start at home. Read moreRead more

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Creating Balance Between Your Business and Family

By Jarvis Nicoll, an EO Calgary member, and director and owner of Canada West Land Services, Ltd.

Experiencing year-over-year growth has been one of the best things that’s happened to me. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, I’m talking about the business … of balancing work and family.

I work in a sales-driven business where time seems to be the biggest challenge. The quicker decisions are made, the more I hear yes’s. The quicker I hear yes’s, the more people listen to me, and the more I get used to it. The problem exists when this mentality comes home. It did. I was caught, and I’m grateful for it. Read moreRead more


How to Overcome the Belief That Your Product is “Too Good to Be True”

By Chris Thornham, an Overdrive contributor and co-founder of FLO Cycling

Everyone loves a good deal. But when a cheap price tag makes others question the quality of your product, it could actually hinder your company’s success.

If you’ve discovered the formula for delivering a superior product at a fraction of your competitors’ prices, that doesn’t mean consumers will instantly buy your product. Many budding businesses struggle to dispel the belief that their product is “too good to be true,” and uprooting assumptions is no easy task. Read moreRead more