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Keeping Your Employees Engaged

By Dan Clifford, an EO San Francisco member and the co-founder of AnswerLab

Seven years ago, when I took the leap to leave behind a steady paycheck and start my own company, creating a strong, long-lasting culture was one of my biggest motivators. Every day my staff serves as ambassadors of my business, so keeping them happy, challenged and engaged is a high priority. Having experienced the trial and error involved with establishing a workplace culture, here are three low-cost, high-impact initiatives that my cofounder and I found to be the most successful. Read moreRead more


Forget Your Fall-Back Position

By Angela Petro, an EO Columbus member and  owner of Two Caterers

A few years ago, I attended a women’s ski clinic in Alta, Utah, USA. I came home a much better skier, but more importantly, I learned something valuable that I could apply to my professional life: When I’m out of my comfort zone, I immediately revert to my “fall-back position,” or the bad habit I most need to overcome. Read moreRead more

Caryn Kopp

Grow Sales With a “Back to School Mentality”!

By Caryn Kopp, an EO New Jersey member and “Chief Door Opener” at Kopp Consulting

Have you noticed people becoming more serious at the beginning of September? It’s a great mindset which I call, the “Back to School Mentality”. I see it as much with adults as I do kids. In the corporate world, meetings that didn’t occur over the summer are now on the calendar. Why are corporate folks more serious during the last four months of the year? Well, executive decision makers have until the year’s end to make things happen before their reviews. Not only do they need to complete initiatives to get their bonuses, great scores, and showcase themselves for promotions. Furthermore, many of them have to use their yearly budgets before they lose it. What does this mean for business owners and salespeople? Opportunity! Here’s how you can capitalize on these opportunities while achieving your individual goals.

Read moreRead more


Why You’re Crazy if You’re Not Podcasting

By Doug Kisgen, an EO Kansas City member and CEO of Kisgen Group, Inc.

Are you on the podcasting bandwagon yet? If not, you might want to get on it … and quick! Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Several 2015 cars are going to come standard with a podcasting app. Those who love podcasts will be able to link up with just a click of a button. Missing out on the commuters could mean you’re missing out on business. It’s not safe to talk on the phone, and they’ve outlawed texting in the U.S. for the same reasons, but no one’s outlawed podcast listening! Take advantage of this captive audience. Read moreRead more
Heather Baker

The Immigrant Entrepreneur: Turning Your Foreignness to Your Advantage

By Heather Baker, an EO UK-London member and founder of digital marketing and video consultancy, TopLine Comms

When I set up my communications consultancy in London in 2008, it didn’t occur to me that being a foreigner living in the U.K. might have an impact on my business. I’m originally from South Africa, and at the time I launched my business I had been in the U.K. for four years. Read moreRead more