How EO@INSEAD 2024 Helped 50 EO Members Discover the Leader Within

EO@INSEAD is one of EO’s six Executive Education programs that empowers members to amplify leadership skills, build culture, and drive change through four days of intensive learning. Hosted at INSEAD’s Asian campus in Singapore, the annual event is the newest in EO’s Executive Education suite, and one that brings together EO peers from across the globe. Its unique purpose? To help EO members learn how to create a thriving culture from the inside out with inspirational leadership and influence beyond authority.

“The EO@INSEAD program challenged me to refine my strategy and execution skills, enhance my leadership and influence beyond authority, and foster creativity in business,” said Redi Basha, a member of EO Europe Bridge chapter. “One of the most compelling aspects was learning how to lead change effectively in today’s fast-paced world.”

We asked attendees of EO@INSEAD 2024 about their experience. Here’s what they shared:

What did you learn during EO@INSEAD that changed your business?

“I’m not typically a note-taker; I prefer to absorb it all by actively listening, jotting down important themes or key learnings. I have seven full A4 pages of these ‘quick’ notes, which sums up the volume of learning from EO@INSEAD for me. It culminated in a 25-page presentation to my leadership team, full of implementable ideas and changes.” 

—Lindsay Rogers, EO Queensland, co-founder of Chello

“My focus was on enhancing my leadership skills. A significant takeaway was the rekindling of certain knowledge from my subconscious to my conscious mind. The Change Management module was particularly enlightening, especially as we’ve been integrating several acquisitions over the past 18 months and need to adeptly manage these changes.”

—Torsten Oppermann, EO Barcelona and EO Hamburg, co-founder, MSM Digital and 1SP Agency

How did the program format enhance your takeaways?

“One of my most significant takeaways was the realization that effective leadership and business success are deeply influenced by the ability to listen, adapt, and incorporate diverse perspectives. The other attendees were instrumental in this learning, demonstrating the power of collective wisdom.”

—Redi Basha, EO Europe Bridge chapter, CEO, Abkons

“There was lots of theory-based learning from professors with many years of research and niche topic expertise, but the magic for me was in the application of these theories, in team-based physical simulations and activities. In our day-to-day businesses, we lead teams we pay, which can change the dynamic of input. At EO@INSEAD, we worked alongside peers who have different ways of working, thinking, and expressing themselves—a whole different leadership skillset. My biggest takeaway was how the statistics show, and the activities reinforced, that diversity and inclusion enhance ideas, to make them stronger.”

—Lindsay Rogers

“The course was meticulously designed to not only provide knowledge but to ensure its practical application. Through interactive sessions, real-world case studies, and engaging discussions, I gained valuable leadership knowledge and skills.”

—Redi Basha

Tell us how the other attendees impacted your journey with EO@INSEAD.

“There were no more than two people representing each nationality, so the cultural melting pot of ideas and ways of working added depth, which is hard to recreate in any other environment. Being an EO-only cohort, the immediate unspoken understanding, camaraderie, and confidential sharing of experiences led to a great depth from day one.

—Lindsay Rogers

“Interacting with 49 like-minded individuals from 20 different countries was as enriching as the academic learning. The warm hospitality extended by the EO Singapore community during their Forum party, which we jovially gatecrashed, is a fond memory I cherish.”

 —Torsten Oppermann

“EO@INSEAD was not just an educational experience; it was a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and ambitions that profoundly impacted my journey. Each attendee brought a unique perspective, shaped by their distinct backgrounds and experiences. Their insights enriched our discussions, allowing us to explore the multifaceted nature of leadership and business from angles I had not considered before. We were not just students but teachers for one another.”

—Redi Basha

What was the most unexpected thing you learned?

“I have never stopped to consider how diversity and inclusion are two distinct ideas, which are not readily interchangeable. You can have a breadth of diversity without providing the frameworks for inclusion. And you can have an inclusive environment without fostering diversity of not just gender, sex, or age, but background and experiences.” 

—Lindsay Rogers

“A surprising insight was learning about influencing both the actual team and management simultaneously during change processes.”

 —Torsten Oppermann

“The course challenged me to reflect deeply on my leadership style, strengths, and areas for improvement. It equipped me with valuable tools and frameworks to lead with greater confidence, empathy, and effectiveness. The hands-on sessions were particularly impactful, offering real-world scenarios that tested our ability to apply what we learned in a dynamic and complex environment.”

—Redi Basha

What would you share with EO members who are considering registering for EO@INSEAD?

“I would like to share my experience on six reasons why the EO@INSEAD executive education program is an opportunity not to be missed:

1. Unparalleled learning experience

EO@INSEAD is not just about acquiring new skills; it’s about deep diving into the intricacies of global business challenges and emerging with a broader, more strategic view of running your business. The curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges we face as entrepreneurs.

2. Diverse network of global leaders

One of the program’s greatest assets is the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of leaders from around the world. The insights and perspectives I gained from my peers have been invaluable, providing me with a global network of support and collaboration opportunities.

3. World-class faculty

INSEAD’s faculty are not just academics; they are seasoned practitioners and thought leaders in their respective fields. Some of the professors made a huge impact on me. Learning from them offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical wisdom.

4. Tailored to EO members

The EO@INSEAD program is specifically tailored to address the needs and challenges of EO members. This focus ensures that every session, case study, and discussion is relevant and immediately applicable to our businesses.

5. Personal and professional growth

Beyond business acumen, the program emphasizes personal growth and leadership development. It challenges you to reflect, question, and evolve in ways that significantly impact your approach to leadership and life.

6. A commitment to your own excellence

Participating in EO@INSEAD is a commitment to your own excellence. It’s an investment in becoming the best version of yourself and, by extension, elevating your business.”

—Redi Basha

EO@INSEAD brings EO members together to learn in an intensive environment that will help you build a high-performance company culture that unlocks your people’s greater potential. This is where servant leaders expand their ability to nurture talent and create capacity for other leaders to shine.

“Taking a week away to learn new concepts and think about how you can embed them into your business can’t be a bad thing,” Lindsay said. “Doing it alongside 49 other EOers whom you know you’ll stay in contact with and see at other global events is priceless!”

Are you interested in the next EO@INSEAD Executive Education program, which will take place 3-7 February 2025? Sign up for the interest list to get updates on the application process.

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