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The Power of Entrepreneurial Community

By Rosemarie “Bubu” Andres, EO Global Chair, FY2018/2019, an EO Philippines member and co-founder of Candy Corner, the number one source of quality candies and chocolates in the Philippines. The entrepreneurial journey can be lonely…. Read more »

5 Tips for Smart Scaling

Written for EO by Christina Sanders  You’ve started a business, and it’s taking off. It’s a great feeling. Now, the next hurdle is quickly heading your way: scaling. Taking your business to the next level… Read more »

DIY Public Relation Tips for Entrepreneurs

Public relations is a tricky and yet critical factor for any business. Startups can thrive or fail based on their public relations. So it’s critical for entrepreneurs to build PR plan for their business. Below are four… Read more »

Buying a Business? Start Here.

Buying an established business has its advantages. For example, when you buy a business, you take over an organization that’s typically already generating revenues. There’s also usually a customer base, an established business reputation and… Read more »

Raising Capital Part 2: Equity vs. Debt

By William Lieberman, member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization New York and founder and CEO of The CEO’s Right Hand, Inc. In the first part of this blog, William shared how to assess your needs for capital and… Read more »