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Surviving an Acquisition

By Jenn Greacen, an EO Central Florida member and executive director of The Clear Agency. My 6-year-old presented it most appropriately when she told her teacher that she hadn’t seen much of mommy lately because she had… Read more »

The ABCs of Business

By Natacha Beim, an EO Vancouver member and CEO and founder of Core Education & Fine Arts junior kindergarten schools. The greatest lesson I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey is this: Keep moving forward. Sometimes… Read more »

My Million-Dollar Idea

By Sarah Hardwick, an EO San Diego member and  founder of Zenzi Communications. The most amazing thing happened to me last year— I made a million dollars overnight! Seriously. It all started with a creative… Read more »

Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

An Upside to the Economic Downside – The ailing economy is spotlighting a sick-of-it-all workforce. Think of it as an opportunity for healing and restoring morale. Management Tip of the Day – Protect Your… Read more »