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Top Four Survival Tips for Small Business Owners

Remember when owning a small business was risky but rewarding? Stressful but satisfying? And then COVID-19 hit. In the midst of a global pandemic, being responsible for your own business—as well as the livelihoods of your employees—very likely seems overwhelming if not completely debilitating. Nobody said entrepreneurship was easy, but certainly nobody predicted this devastating… Read more »

Where to Turn for Financial Support During a Crisis

Written by Ami Kassar, CEO and founder of and an EO Philadelphia member. As an expert on access to capital for entrepreneurs, he is committed to ensuring that business owners have the best possible access to the capital structures to help grow and manage their businesses. This article has been edited from a version that… Read more »

Experts Share Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business

Contributed by Bill Lyons, CEO and president of Griffin Funding. Along with the excitement that comes with a new decade, 2020 brings a lot of speculation on the economy, including a focus on what we call recession proofing. While business owners don’t know for sure if a recession will hit in the near future, the need for ensuring your business… Read more »

Considering Expanding Your Business? 3 Tips on How to Approach It

Written by Justin Song, a senior research analyst at LendingTree where he has experience covering topics such as personal loans and small business lending. Making smart decisions for your company is both your privilege and responsibility as a business owner. Chances are, when everything is running smoothly, you still see room for growth and want to… Read more »