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Four Rules for Hiring Creatives

By John Huber, EO Nashville member and COO of Moo Creative Media When it comes to business, the first quarter means hitting the reset button: New budgets, new ideas and, oftentimes, new talent. As the COO… Read more »

Avoiding Costly Hiring Mistakes

By Geoff Smart and Randy Street, EO speakers  What is not your number-one problem in business. Who is. What problems have to do with the products you sell and processes you use. Who refers to… Read more »

7 Hiring Tips for Startup CEOs

Contributed by Adam Robinson, the Chief Hireologist at Hireology. While the macroeconomic picture in the United States isn’t exactly where we’d like it to be, many startups and early stage firms are thriving. With this… Read more »

Are You Hiring the Right People?

By Ann Rhoades, president of People Ink, a culture-change consulting firm. Are you hiring the wrong people? In many cases, the “wrong” people are hired because entrepreneurs fail to create a conscious culture from the… Read more »

Break the Pattern of Bad Hiring

Contributed by Greg Moran, the co-founder of the Tech Valley Angel Network, a not-for-profit organization formed to bring together Tech Valley entrepreneurs and investors. Moran also serves as president and CEO of Talent Management Group LLC… Read more »

7 EO members explore the impact of core values

Core values are the basis of any business. Seven EO members from chapters around the world share their insights on the critical impact core values have on leaders, employees, decisions big and small, and overall business success.