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To Build a Leadership Team, Shut Up and Listen

Contributed by Joyce Lasecke, the president of Fredrickson Communications, Inc., which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Building a leadership team had been the most rewarding and frustrating challenge I’ve taken on in my business. It’s… Read more »

Top 10 Aha! moments from GLC 2022 in DC

The Global Leadership Conference (GLC) is EO’s flagship event, a moment for entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential–as individuals, EO members and entrepreneurs. Ethan King, a GLC influencer from EO Atlanta, shares his 10 most memorable moments from GLC 2022.

5 proven skills for the new world

Two versions of your future exist. One in which you become much better in these timeless skills, and one in which you do not improve much at all. Which of those futures will you choose?