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How to thwart collaboration overload by working smarter

Collaborating efficiently was important pre-pandemic, but throughout the pandemic employees saw a 5 to 8 hour weekly increase in collaboration time. As we move into a hybrid form of work, it has become critical for both people’s performance and well-being.

Why your company requires both brains and brawn to succeed

To succeed in today’s competitive and increasingly digitized world, it’s important to explore how (and why) many business owners in digitized industries overlook and underappreciate traditional competencies like logistics, manufacturing, customer service, and quality control. 

5 Signs you (or a CEO you know) may need mental health help

With stress and anxiety from being in fight or flight mode for 18 months or more, we now have to make it all work again. We want to make sure entrepreneurs who are struggling remember that just because they don’t have the answers, it doesn’t mean that no one has the answers.

2 Foundational mindsets for employee development

Leaders need to be both deeply self-aware (Be mindsets) and able to understand others’ perspectives (Relate mindsets). By working on those mindsets, leaders can make a bigger impact on their teams.

Together We Grow: 11 Expert tips for scaling a SaaS business

EO Atlanta’s Forum Confidential sessions, led by Jan Heybroek, are closed, coached conversations that facilitate shared experiences around one presenter’s specific business challenge in a deep-dive presentation format. This session offers 11 expert tips and best practices for scaling a SaaS business.

How to prevent negotiation failure

One of an entrepreneur’s go-to tools for business growth and success is the art of negotiation. A behavioral scientist explains why it can be a tricky skill to master–and shares strategies to consider.

Introducing EO Canada Bridge

EO Bridge chapters have four in-person events per year (and thus four Forum meetings per year). We also host virtual events, participate in other chapters’ amazing events, as well as partake in local non-EO events, so that each member can have personalized learning experiences throughout the year.