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The Importance of Leadership

Marsha Ralls – a global fine art advisor and a serial entrepreneur – Founder of Closed Monday Productions LLC An entrepreneur’s journey can be unpredictable, dragging you through highs and lows that can pull on… Read more »

How EO Changed My Leadership Style

By Mandy Gilbert, founder and CEO of Creative Niche and an EO Toronto member Much of an entrepreneur’s time is spent growing their business, landing new clients and managing people. Most of us try to… Read more »

Women and Leadership: It’s About Choice

By Naomi Simson, EO Sydney member and founder of Red Balloon I have been speaking about the lack of women in leadership for years. Every International Women’s day, the statistics are published, articles are written,… Read more »

Transparency Fosters Effective Leadership

By: Bill Treasurer, special to Overdrive Leadership is the most over analyzed, thoroughly dissected, and utterly confused topic in business. Just think of the expectations that we have of leaders and the definitions that we… Read more »

The Biggest Leadership Myth…

You can’t motivate other people! In Daniel Pink’s newest book Drive the underlying message is that a leader can provide a motivating environment but can’t motivate their employees; motivation comes from within an individual. This… Read more »