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A Powerful Resource for Business Growth

“Being in Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), ultimately, might have saved my life,” says Michelle Menard, co-founder of Choice Translating and member of EO Charlotte. Founded in 1987, the organization is a global business network of 12,000+… Read more »

Why You Should Beware the Fake-Growth Trap

This article was originally published on By Thomas Goetz, CEO and co-founder of Iodine Last year, a venture capitalist who had expressed an interest in my startup, Iodine, passed on making an investment. Generously, and… Read more »

5 Steps to Structure Your Brand for Growth

John Cinquina, an EO Perth member and CEO of Red Meets Blue Branding “Growth” is the buzzword in business today. It seems we are obsessed with it, whether we’re startups, owners, board members or marketers. As I meet and… Read more »

Note to Self: Brace for Growth

By Joanne Williams, Co-Founder and Deputy Managing Director of Nido Petroleum Getting old can be scary. I learned that the hard way when it came to my business. Three years ago, we were a small entity… Read more »

Business Growth from the Ground Up

Running a successful business brings with it plenty of challenges, especially if your company revolves around a single product or service. For Angela Santiago, an EO Edmonton member and CEO of The Little Potato Company,… Read more »