Business Growth from the Ground Up

Running a successful business brings with it plenty of challenges, especially if your company revolves around a single product or service. For Angela Santiago, an EO Edmonton member and CEO of The Little Potato Company, maximizing passion, staying productive and setting boundaries goes a long way toward generating business growth from the ground up.

What would people be surprised to learn about potatoes?

AS/ “Potatoes were first discovered and appreciated in South America. They were so loved that they were nicknamed the ‘truffles of the earth’ and considered to be a small delicacy vegetable. Sadly, as they expanded through Europe and North America, potatoes became big, ugly and bland. But, initially, they were small, delicious and versatile like our creamer variety today. Another thing not many people may know is that it takes an average of seven to nine years to get a new potato to market once we find one we think is good enough to become a ‘Little Potato’ creamer.”

To what do you attribute your success in a highly competitive industry?

AS/ “I credit two important and unique aspects of our market for our success in the niche, competitive segment of creamer potatoes. First, everyone is familiar with potatoes in general, so there was no education needed. Second, potatoes had become boring. They were due for a refresh. Introducing creamer potatoes to North America seemed like a natural evolution for a forgotten favorite. We all enjoy making new food discoveries, especially if it’s something that’s delicious, nutritious, convenient and quick to prepare. Creamer potatoes are all that and more.”

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