Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017: The Work-Life Balancing Act

This week, EO joins with the Global Entrepreneurship Network in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW2017), which credits the importance and growing impact of entrepreneurship, and features an international calendar of events and partnerships. From 13–19 November 2017, we’ll share exclusive content designed to inspire and inform every entrepreneur—whether you’re in start-up mode or you’re a battle-scarred founder. We believe in the power of learning to grow. We believe in the potential of entrepreneurship as a global force for change. Celebrate with us by visiting the EO Octane blog every day this week!

Achieving a work-life balance is an age-old pursuit, made even more elusive for today’s entrepreneurs and more complex with stereotypes that exist in both the boardroom and the home. Today, we take a magnifying glass to the topic, confronting the realities of today’s workplace while gathering tips for maintaining a healthy balance.

“Connecting Women Entrepreneurs and the Investment Community,” Carine Schneider & Kalika Yap

Carine Schneider and Kalika Yap analyze stereotypes of women’s role in the family and how they impact women in business. As a successful entrepreneur, mother and wife, Carine shares lessons that she’s learned in Silicon Valley and explain how she’s connecting women entrepreneurs with investors through her company WFF Connect. Listen to this honest podcast about finding your own way in business and in life.

Carine Schneider is a partner with Nua Group, an HR consulting group, and the founder and CEO of WFF Connect, a mission-driven company that connects women founders to capital. Carine was recently named one of the 100 Influential Women in Silicon Valley and one of 17 “Women to Watch” by Brown Brothers Harriman. Kalika Yap is an inventor and entrepreneur who founded the consulting agency Citrus Studios. She is also a member of EO Los Angeles and host of EO Wonder.  

“Facing Your Fears: Parenthood and Entrepreneurship,” Ben Welch-Bolen

In this personal essay, Ben Welch-Bolen poses the ultimate work-life balance question as he anticipates his first child’s birth: “Could I balance the two most challenging roles of my life without jeopardizing my sanity?” Ben explores how he maintained his business, his creativity and his marriage during the first months of his son’s life. Read Ben’s honest account of life as a “PARENTrepreneur.”

Ben Welch-Bolen is an entrepreneur and EO Colorado member. In 2017,  he launched Entrepreneur Parents, a website where entrepreneurial parents share tips and tricks for balancing these two demanding roles. 

“Achieving Life Balance,” Steve Behunin 

Based in the Pareto Principle—also known as the 80/20 rule—this MAP presentation shows you how to measure and set goals related to your life’s vital factors. Simply put, where are you going in your life? And how will you get there? Watch this previously recorded webinar, and you will learn tips for achieving your personal, spiritual, financial and relationship goals.

Steve Behunin is a senior consultant and regional team leader at Map Consulting, a leader in business management consulting and executive training.

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