Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017: Lessons on Leadership

This week, EO joins with the Global Entrepreneurship Network in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW2017), which credits the importance and growing impact of entrepreneurship, and features an international calendar of events and partnerships. From 13–19 November 2017, we’ll share exclusive content designed to inspire and inform every entrepreneur—whether you’re in start-up mode or you’re a battle-scarred founder. We believe in the power of learning to grow. We believe in the potential of entrepreneurship as a global force for change. Celebrate with us by visiting the EO Octane blog every day this week!

Leadership takes many forms and provides countless challenges and opportunities. One fact remains true across industries, however: Good leaders inspire great work from great people. Today, we examine the qualities of today’s best leaders and how leaders can optimize their productivity.

“Army Ranger on Leadership,” Tim Jennings & David Will

U.S. Army Veteran Tim Jennings and entrepreneur David Will discuss how the U.S. Military creates natural entrepreneurs through its emphasis on leadership and initiative. What can business owners learn from leaders in the army? Listen in as these men connect on shared aspects of leadership—from empowering subordinates, building relationships and identifying mentors to balancing family.

Tim Jennings is a West Point graduate who has served as a Company Fire Support Office with the Army Rangers, Assistant Operations Officer and Battery Commander. He is currently an Aide-de-Camp in Italy. David Will is an entrepreneur in the software industry and host of EO 360


“How Leaders Stay Productive,” Ryan Neal 

As you transition from working in your organization to working on it, how do you maintain your productivity? Entrepreneur Ryan Neal asked fellow business owners how they balance leadership with the day-to-day demands of keeping a company going. Read their tips and perspective.

Ryan Neal is the co-founder and president of Blueprint Consulting Services, a global consulting firm that provides strategic business and technology strategies to help accelerate growth. He is also an EO Seattle member.    

“Becoming a Conscious Leader,” Gina Hayden

Entrepreneurs have the power and the platform to make positive change in the world, says Gina Hayden. In this EO Network interview, she explains how business owners can become more conscious, impactful leaders. Additionally, Gina challenges common perceptions about younger employees, putting forth the notion of “conscious millennials.” Watch as Gina defines what it means to be a business owner who is both successful and aware, leveraging the power of business for good.

Gina Hayden is the co-founder and director of The Global Centre of Conscious Leadership.

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