Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017: Failing Forward

This week, EO joins with the Global Entrepreneurship Network in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW2017), which credits the importance and growing impact of entrepreneurship, and features an international calendar of events and partnerships. From 13–19 November 2017, we’ll share exclusive content designed to inspire and inform every entrepreneur—whether you’re in start-up mode or you’re a battle-scarred founder. We believe in the power of learning to grow. We believe in the potential of entrepreneurship as a global force for change. Celebrate with us by visiting the EO Octane blog every day this week!

Fear of failure can be paralyzing, but determined entrepreneurs conquer those fears and act anyway. Today we discover that great success stories often include tales of failure, but the savviest among us use the lessons learned in a positive, visionary way to bolster future success.

“Losing US$20M and Reinventing Life,” Damion Lupo & David Will

Self-described financial architect and American sensei, Damion Lupo let his ego drive fear-based action to overextend assets and lose US$20 million at age 31. Listen in as David and Damion explore the reasons leading to that loss, which served as a wake-up call. The two riff on topics including martial arts, disrupting the financial industry, the perils of being kicked out of college multiple times and how strong foundational values guide future successes.

Damion Lupo is the author of seven books including Reinvented LifeTotal Control Financial Guide to the QRP, and The Quick and Dirty Guide to Gold and Silver. He focuses on helping people move from financial fear to financial freedom. Damion holds black belts in several martial arts, bringing the mindset of being present through to his experience in life and business. David Will is an entrepreneur in the software industry and host of EO 360

“Secret Fears and Hidden Failures of Being an Entrepreneur,” Mike Muhney

Even the co-inventor of ACT! software, often credited for spawning the global CRM industry, Mike Muhney has experienced failures along his entrepreneurial path. Still, he’s largely considered a success in his field. So, how do failures contribute to future prosperity? Watch this EO Virtual Learning Webinar and hear Mike recount his own fears and setbacks.

Mike Muhney is an experienced software entrepreneur and an engaging speaker who focuses on the value of relationships to inspire audiences toward greater levels of success.  

“Facing Failure,” Franziska Iseli

Leading marketing strategist Franziska Iseli is a firm believer that failure is one of our greatest teachers. But, what are the guidelines for facing failure effectively? Read how acknowledging reality and strategizing next steps can help consciously shift mental focus toward future opportunities, thus moving past failure smoothly.

Franziska Iseli is an entrepreneur, brand and marketing strategist, speaker and author. She joined the EO Sydney chapter in 2015 where she currently serves as Learning Co-Chair.

“Forward Ever, Backwards Never,” Shelley Rogers

Failure can serve as fuel for the growth of a business, insists Shelley Rogers, who is no stranger to setbacks. Read as she recounts five tips for failing forward that detail course-correcting strategies for maximizing each of our 30,000 days of life on Earth, accepting failures and moving forward to discover the next exciting chapter life has in store.

Shelley Rogers is a business coach, mentor and founder of Maxum, which empowers entrepreneurs to reach their maximum capacity. Shelley joined the EO Brisbane chapter in 2003.

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