Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017: Company Culture Matters

This week, EO joins with the Global Entrepreneurship Network in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW2017), which credits the importance and growing impact of entrepreneurship, and features an international calendar of events and partnerships. From 13–19 November 2017, we’ll share exclusive content designed to inspire and inform every entrepreneur—whether you’re in start-up mode or you’re a battle-scarred founder. We believe in the power of learning to grow. We believe in the potential of entrepreneurship as a global force for change. Celebrate with us by visiting the EO Octane blog every day this week!

Company culture impacts every aspect of a business—from recruiting to employee engagement to profitability. So, what are best practices for establishing and fostering an authentic culture? Today we investigate how to systematically foster a dynamic company culture and the benefits of doing so.

“How to Build Company Culture,” John DeHart

Seeking a great company culture, but unsure where to start? John DeHart feels strongly that it all comes down to vision. Listen as John presents his insights for building company culture—with a vision supported by core purpose and core values, anything is possible.

A healthcare entrepreneur, John DeHart is the co-founder of both Nurse Next Door and Live Well Exercise Clinics, and an engaging speaker who promotes systemic change through building companies, brand and culture.

“How to Build an Authentic, Award-winning Culture,” Ryan Wilson

Forget foosball: When culture is based on strong core values and permeates every aspect of a company, employees become more engaged and successful. Read Ryan Wilson’s account of how a commitment to employees as demonstrated through a company’s core values can lead to both tangible and intangible awards.

Ryan Wilson is an EO member from Colorado, and the founder and CEO of FiveFifty, a boutique digital marketing trade desk specializing in programmatic media buying. The company recently won the Digiday WorkLife Award for Small Agency Employer of the Year.

“Got a Meeting? Take a Walk!” Nilofer Merchant

In her popular TED talk with nearly 2.8 million views, Nilofer Merchant encourages out of the box thinking with a refresh on how we view a typical meeting. Watch as she explains why walking meetings lead to better health and can inspire problem-solving and creative thinking.

Nilofer Merchant is an author who has written The Power of Onlyness, The New How and 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra. She is a sought-after speaker on topics including innovation, leadership and social change, and has launched more than 100 products. Nilofer aims to transform the understanding of how ideas originate, spread and create impact.

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