Seven Thought Leaders from EO Members’ Seventh Vlog Episode

In reviewing our calendar year, we took a look back at the many thought leaders within our own EO community, two of which host a video blog (vlog) called “EO Thought Leadership Forum.” This online show, now nearing its 18th episode, was the brain child of Joe Apfelbaum, EO Brooklyn, and James Ashcroft, EO South Florida, who met at EO Nerve in Philadelphia this year.

Both successful businessmen and aspiring authors, Joe and James decided to record their conversations surrounding entrepreneurial topics, in hopes that other entrepreneurs would be inspired to engage in similar conversations.

During their seventh episode, Joe and James discussed some of their favorite thought leaders, many of whom have podcasts, blogs and books of their own. Here are seven of their top choices, so you can follow-up with the leaders who are inspiring EO leaders. Watch the entire episode of “EO Thought Leadership Forum Episode 007,” and check out the entire series on YouTube by clicking here.

1. James Altuchar: American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author and podcaster

Blog | Podcast | Books

2. Seth Godin: American author, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker

Blog | Books | Online Courses

3. Hal Elrod: Inspirational speaker, author and businessman

Podcast | Books | Videos

4. Guy Kawasaki: Silicon Valley-based author, speaker and entrepreneur

Blog | Books | Speeches

5. Gary Vaynerchuk: Entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker and internet personality

Podcast | Books | Videos 

6. JB Glossinger: Author, motivational speaker


7. Lewis Howes: Author, entrepreneur, former professional athlete

Podcast | Book | Webinar

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