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Posts tagged ‘entrepreneurial journey’

Hao Lam

I’ve Survived Worse

By Hao Lam, EO Seattle member and CEO of Best in Class Education

Persistence—it’s one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can have, and one I learned to adopt long before I started my first business. I was born in South Vietnam during the height of the civil war with North Vietnam. It was a terrifically tough time, and one that greatly impacted my family. My father had worked for, and fought alongside, the United States army. When Saigon fell, we were closely monitored and ostracized, resulting in my father being jailed as a political prisoner. I had to flee.

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Overdrive_Jan 29

Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Israel

By Eran Lobel, EO Boston member and CEO of ELEMENT Productions

EO is an amazing organization—the mark you can make with the support of your peers! When I attended the EO Istanbul University in 2012, my primary focus was on exploring how to raise my company’s profile on the global stage. While in Turkey, my new EO friends saw my enthusiasm for expanding my business and approached me with an exciting proposition: To harness some of my entrepreneurial zeal and help start an EO chapter in Israel. Upon learning that several Israeli entrepreneurs had unsuccessfully attempted to establish an EO chapter, I decided to join a small task force of EO members to plan an Israel chapter launch.

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David McLain

Work to Live, not Live to Work

By David McLain, EO Colorado member and the Founder of Higgins, Hopkins, McLain & Roswell, LLC

My first job out of law school was with a law firm in Denver, Colorado. What made it special was that it had a sabbatical program for attorneys who had been there for 10 years or more. Unfortunately, the firm broke up three years into my career, and I never had the opportunity to avail myself of the program. I started a new firm with three of the partners from the previous firm, and my entrepreneurial journey began. Shortly thereafter, I joined EO and never looked back. Before I knew it, a decade had flown by, I was married with four children and I was quickly approaching my 40th birthday.

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Julie Wrobel

New Member Spotlight: Julie Wrobel

We catch up with the new EO South Australia member and founder of Algo Más Marketing to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.

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Alex Feldman

Three Ground Rules for Inspiring Productivity

By Alex Feldman, an EO San Diego member and founder of Alexander Daas

An underlying critical element to any successful business is talent. The people behind your logo fuel the organization, cultivating company culture and energy in the process. And the right culture and energy bring with it excitement, eagerness to succeed and growth. When I think back on my years in retail and operations, I can’t help but recall the team members who made a difference—they were the driving force of my company. To set these people up for success, I employed a few ground rules that have proved successful in creating an environment that drives productivity, enthusiasm and loyalty.

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