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Selling Frogs to the French

By Gustavo Monrero, an EO Switzerland-Geneva member and chairman and partner of GAM Consulting Group and Hedblom Partners Group

My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 14 years old. I was living in my hometown of Santiago, Chile, when a friend saw a newspaper article that caught our attention. The article mentioned how there was a big market for frog legs in France. Apparently, people were eating them left and right, and the demand was a lot higher than the supply.

That day, we decided to start a business— we would sell frogs to the French! It seemed we had stumbled upon a goldmine, and we were going to be rich beyond our wildest dreams. Lucky for us, there were plenty of frogs in Chile, and even better, nobody ate them. People thought they were slimy little creatures and left them alone. But in France, everyone seemed to love them and they were paying good money to eat their legs for lunch! Read moreRead more


The ABCs of Business

By Natacha Beim, an EO Vancouver member and CEO and founder of Core Education & Fine Arts junior kindergarten schools.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey is this: Keep moving forward. Sometimes this lesson comes at a great cost, and with daunting consequences.

I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22. I had known I wanted to teach and inspire others since I could walk and talk, so it was no surprise that I decided to open my own junior kindergarten school. The model of my school was new to most North American parents, and disruptive to the existing early education model. Unlike most parts of Europe and Asia, North American culture embraces playtime for infants and toddlers, while curriculum is something that’s implemented later in life when a child is deemed old enough to start learning. Read moreRead more


Get Back to the Future

By Troy Hazard, an international speaker, best-selling author and managing director of The Edge Corporate Strategies.

As a long-time speaker, I have lectured at hundreds of conferences around the world. I’ve talked to every type of business person imaginable, and the one common denominator among them all is this: Most people are looking for that “one thing” to make life easy. They seek that magic bullet— the key to life, the universe and business success. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. Read moreRead more


John Rockefeller or John Harvard?

By Yoshito Hori, an EO Japan member and chairman and CEO of GLOBIS Group.

Who do you respect more: John Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil, or John Harvard, founder of Harvard University? Perhaps the better question is: Who do you value more— the person who built a money-making empire or the person who created a leading educational institution? Read moreRead more


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