8 Building Blocks for a Small Business

This article was originally published on EO’s Inc.com column.

Morris Tabush, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member from New York, is the founder a president of Tabush Group, a successful cloud computing, technology solutions and IT company focused on serving small businesses. We asked Morris what it would take for a small business to be able to grow and reach the next level of success.

Ever since my parents bought our first family computer back when I was a kid, I have been passionate about technology and assisting others. Throughout high school and college, I often found myself helping friends and neighbors learn how to use computers. In 2000, between my junior and senior years of college, I turned what I was passionate about into a real business, officially becoming an entrepreneur. I worked from my dorm room, providing IT services to small companies.

When I graduated with a degree in information systems in 2001, the Dot-Com bust was still lingering and the IT job market was rough, so I figured I would just continue doing what I was passionate about. I put US$25,000 of money I had saved up into renting a small office, and I hired my first employee. At the time, I didn’t have a business plan, or any sort of advisor, mentor or coach. I just followed my heart and went for it. Sixteen years later, I am proud to say that company has grown to be very successful.

I’ve been fortunate to have learned a lot along my entrepreneurial journey. Here are eight building blocks for anyone starting a business:

  1. Get a mentor. Or a business advisor or a coach. It doesn’t have to be someone professional, just someone who can share experiences, be there to bounce ideas off of and tell you when you’re losing focus.
  2. Be clear in your mission. There’s a reason you started a business and left your job (or didn’t try to find a new one). Why are you doing this? Keep in mind that your personal mission and your company’s mission can be different, as long as they’re aligned and can coexist.

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