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The Power of Peers

Contributed by David Cumming, the CEO of Hannon Hill Corporation, located in Atlanta, Georgia. As entrepreneurs, we’re always so busy forging new relationships with partners and clients that we tend to forget one of the… Read more »

Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

Six Ways to Avoid Capital Gains Tax| Pity that poor billionaire Philip Anschutz. He tried to cash out of positions in Anadarko and Union Pacific without having to pay immediate tax on the appreciation…. Read more »

Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

Small Business Lending: The Squeeze Goes On | Banks had ambitious small business lending goals for 2010, but they’re having a hard time finding worthy creditors with solid expansion plans. Four International Blunders to Avoid |… Read more »

Creating a High-Octane Culture

Contributed by David Mammano, the founder and CEO of Next Step Publishing, Inc., based in Victor, New York. As an entrepreneur, my employees are my strongest investment. Ninety-nine percent of my company’s assets are out… Read more »

Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

A Jump in Hiring—But Only Part-Time | More temp workers are being hired, but companies don’t trust the recovery— hence, they’re not making full-time offers. Private Growth Is Tepid as U.S. Economy Sheds Jobs Overall… Read more »

Employees are Number One

Contributed by Dale Williams, the owner of , a travel nurse and allied health company based in Omaha, Nebraska. A strong corporate culture is the cornerstone of our employee recruitment and retention. It has led… Read more »

The Seven P’s of a Successful Business

Contributed by Kent Lewis, the president of Anvil Media, Inc. While I’ve never considered myself an entrepreneur per se, my experience with startup agencies has taught me a thing or two about building a successful… Read more »

The Surprise of a Lifetime

Contributed by Marc Datelle is the President and CEO of Anduro Manufacturing. Due diligence: It’s what you do before investing in a company to ensure the deal is right, and that there are no hidden… Read more »