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Building an Ideal Work Environment

By John DeHart, co-founder of Nurse Next Door When building a company, one of the first challenges entrepreneurs face is hiring the right people. The next challenge, of course, is how to keep the people… Read more »

The Three-Step Entrepreneur Process

By Bill Bishop, renowned speaker and author of “How to Sell a Lobster.” Having your own business is not the same as being an entrepreneur. A “business owner” is someone who is self-employed. They provide products… Read more »

Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

Making it Personal on Twitter – When luxury travel took a hit in the midst of the recession, Vermont’s Trapp Family Lodge rethought their digital and social marketing strategy, capitalized on the renowned family name,… Read more »

The $40 Glass of Lemonade

By Ben Hanback, an EO Nashville member and president of The Hanback Group. I will never forget the most expensive glass of lemonade that I ever purchased. You might think that it was at a… Read more »

How to Keep Yourself Healthy

Contributed by Gerry Morton, the president and CEO of EnergyFirst, which is located in Manhattan Beach, California. I’ve found my fellow entrepreneurs to be some of the most energetic people around. Some maintain that energy… Read more »

Creating a High-Octane Culture

Contributed by David Mammano, the founder and CEO of Next Step Publishing, Inc., based in Victor, New York. As an entrepreneur, my employees are my strongest investment. Ninety-nine percent of my company’s assets are out… Read more »

Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

Six Must-Have iPhone Apps | Want to stay on par with the technology trends? Looking for a few good iPhone apps to make running your business a little easier? Look no further! Here are… Read more »