Podcasts to help you sell and market

Study Up on Your Sales and Marketing Tactics with 9 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes

Podcasts to help you sell and marketWritten for EO by Michael Neidert.

Never underestimate the value of understanding sales and marketing best practices—even if you don’t consider yourself a “sales person.” Plus, today’s tech landscape makes digital marketing basics required learning.

Sales and marketing can take years to learn and perfect. No problem. Below are nine podcasts that will kickstart your knowledge to help you close more deals and work flawlessly with creative and sales teams. 

Whether you’re a conversion veteran or a startup founder just learning the basics, download and subscribe to these sales and marketing podcasts today to boost your skills:

1. Marketing Over Coffee

If the hiss of an espresso machine in the background of this podcast makes it sound to you as if it’s recorded in a coffee shop, you’d be right.

Marketing Over Coffee is a collaboration with marketers John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn and their brief episodes feature tips, interviews and insights regarding digital and traditional marketing methods. This podcast is ideal for anyone wanting to keep up-to-date with emerging marketing strategies and changing consumer behavior.

Despite its humble studio setting, Marketing over Coffee attracts interviews with influential leaders like Simon Sinek and Seth Godin.

Don’t Miss: Mike Volpe, former CMO of Hubspot, joined Marketing over Coffee to discuss inbound and outbound marketing that’ll help you understand the difference between the two methods.

2. Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Ask any brand expert and successful entrepreneur and they’ll tell you: Design impacts organizations at every level, not just their web site and business cards.

To better understand the world of design, creative professionals and how creativity can be leveraged within your own business, check out Design Matters with Debbie Millman, a podcast that has more than 13 years’ worth of episodes.

You’ll hear from a variety of creatives and influencers, from TED founder, Richard Saul Wurman to art director, Neville Brody, on matters of design, culture, success and marketing.

Don’t miss: Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind Humans of New York, tells how he asks great questions that lead to even better answers. Consider applying his question asking tips to a sales call or creative brainstorming meeting.

3. EO 360°: Giftology

Can you create opportunity and close sales by giving gifts?

John Ruhlin, CEO of Giftology, believes you can. Throughout John’s sales and speaking career, he found that a common spark for opportunity came from showing appreciation through gifts. These gifts led to Ruhlin becoming one of Cutco’s most successful sales professionals and materialized some of his most impactful career opportunities.

Check out this episode of the EO 360° podcast and learn how you, too, can use gifts to drive sales and create otherwise impossible opportunities.

Don’t Miss: Ben Hardy, the #1 writer on Medium, offers helpful writing and productivity tips on his EO 360° episode using what he’s learned as both a writer and PhD candidate in Organizational Psychology.

4. Copyblogger FM

Covering copy and content to digital marketing, Copyblogger FM is not just a podcast for professional copywriters. If communication is even a small part of your job, you’ll want to give this podcast a listen.

On Copyblogger FM, hosted by Sonia Simone, you’ll hear tips for writing better content, increasing the power of your marketing and understanding how language impacts every aspect of your business.

With episodes like, How to Attract the Exact Customers You Want and The Quiet Power of Conversational Copy, you’ll soon become a better writer, communicator and entrepreneur.

Don’t Miss: If you’re nervous about making beginner sales mistakes, discover how you can avoid them on the episode, How to Kill Your Sales and Mess up Your Business: Lessons from a Used Car Salesman.

5. The Science of Social Media

If it seems like changes in social media are constant and neverending, you’re not alone!

The Science of Social Media keeps you in the loop on emerging changes and strategies, whether you’re a social media expert or a small business owner trying to learn how Facebook reviews impact your ice cream shop.

Produced by social media platform, Buffer, this podcast shares insights and studies that will make you a savvy social media marketer, help you leverage influencers, understand new features and connect with followers.

Learn how the Instagram algorithm works, the ways storytelling impacts social media performance and why your brand can still use traditional marketing strategies in your social media.  

Don’t Miss: Entrepreneurs and small businesses owners should spend 13 minutes listening to the episode, 10 Proven Social Media Tips for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Want more? Check out 10 more podcasts for entrepreneurs on the grow, available on EO’s Inc. channel. 
6. The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast

A podcast recorded especially with startup sales in mind, The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast is hosted by Close.io’s CEO, Steli Efti, a sales and entrepreneurship expert.

For a no-nonsense look at startup sales, this podcast is perfect for lean sales teams and those just starting out. It answers questions like when to contact your prospects and how to overcome basic cold calling objections delivered with Efti’s signature enthusiasm.

If you’re new to sales or you’re eager to grow your startup, learn from Efti and subscribe to The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast.

Don’t Miss: Check out Close.io Women in Sales, a collection of seventeen interviews with women sales professionals.

7. Wonder: What Does Branding in the “New Normal” Look Like?

Branding, marketing and design is changing every day, and brands that don’t adapt don’t succeed.

It’s more than just adapting to social media trends and technology, it’s building an organization and marketing plan based on the new reality. It’s how you tell your brand story and align your company’s mission.

Listen to this short yet worthwhile EO Wonder podcast episode as Sasha Strauss, CEO of Innovation Protocol, delivers his seven rules for effective branding, offering specific examples and advice you can begin implementing today.

Don’t Miss: For insight into how NYX Cosmetics founder, Toni Ko, used marketing and branding to grow her company, tune in to her Wonder podcast episode, Turning Cosmetics into a US$500 Million Brand.

8. Marketing School

It’s difficult to study marketing and not come across Neil Patel. With co-host and Single Grain CEO, Eric Siu, the Neil delivers 10 minutes of actionable marketing and sales guidance daily on their podcast, Marketing School.

If you don’t have much time to learn, this is a podcast you should subscribe to  now. You’ll find episodes like, How to Grow Your Marketing Through Partnerships and This is Why Your Blog Isn’t Loved by Google delivered in short, sweet bursts.

Don’t Miss: Are you concerned about your competitors’ huge marketing budgets? Check out the Marketing School’s episode, How to Out-Market a Multi-Billion Dollar Company.

9. The Advanced Selling Podcast

With decades of sales training experience, the hosts of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale, can teach you how to become a more effective salesperson.

Most useful for someone with sales experience, this podcast covers the gamut of sales topics, including sales team management, forecasting, pricing, cold calling and much more. If your business needs to close deals or your investors require growth—and soon—then this is a podcast you’ll benefit from immensely.

To get started, download the episode, The Best Sales Advice Ever.

Don’t Miss:To be seen as a valuable resource and make more sales, listen to the episode, Are You Sharing Your Perspective With Your Customers?

No matter where you are in your day or in your career, these nine podcasts will give you sales and marketing expertise, wisdom and advice that you can begin applying to your own business today.


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