Share the Value of EO with Your Kids!

For many EO members, the ultimate path to success as an entrepreneur was built upon the experiences and skills instilled in them by their parents and families at a young age. Introducing those same values to your own children, whether they grow up to be entrepreneurs or not, can be a great way to provide them with important character-building traits they’ll need in business or beyond. Making new connections, exploring different cultures and discovering how to develop a business from a fresh perspective, are some fundamental ways we can foster the principles of entrepreneurship in the bright, growing minds of our kids.

One way EO is helping to do this is through the EO Youth Exchange, a MyEO program that affords your children the chance to engage their peers from around the world, EO style! Exclusively for EO member families, this new initiative encourages our youth to seize opportunities and make something great out of them. Imagine if your daughter was able to spend one high school year in a foreign country, living with an EO family while attending a local school. Imagine if your son was able to take a year off after high school, traveling 20 countries, and in each, living with an EO family to learn more about that EO member’s business. And what if your kids were able to do an internship abroad for three months during college at an EO member’s company, providing them with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover a new culture while gaining real-life work experience?

With EO Youth Exchange, your children can experience all of these things and more. Now’s your chance to give your kids the tools, connections and experiences they need to learn and grow on a global scale. Contact us to learn more about the opportunities available to you!

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