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How To Learn Like a Local With EO’s Discover North Asia Series

When you join EO, it opens the door to a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs at the local, regional and global level who enjoy sharing experiences in business and life. Forging connections with members from different regions is a pathway to both self-discovery and professional growth.

EO North Asia’s “Discover” series of events is tailored to help you explore the region’s most intriguing cities and enjoy unique experiences surrounded by EO members who share your thirst for learning. As seasoned EO members know, “You get out of it what you put into it.”

The two most recent events, Discover Okinawa (5-7 October 2023) and Discover Taipei (15-17 January 2024), created enthusiasm among attendees and built a strong foundation for the program’s continued success.

Discover Taipei

“Discover Taipei was a top-notch EO event, perfectly planned and well-executed, crafting an unforgettable experience of members gathering. A great time with great people!” said Penny Kou, EO China East.

The Discover Taipei event welcomed 250 EO members from 13 countries for a three-day celebration of diversity, unity, and the spirit of exploration. Learning session speakers Bonnie Tu, chairperson of Giant Group, and Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, shared their inspiring success stories as leaders, highlighting how to leverage local expertise and shine on the international stage. Attendees explored the artistry and craftsmanship behind Taiwan’s award-winning spirits at Kavalan Distillery, then gathered for an exclusive dinner party at YiLan Art and Cultural Park, immersed in Taiwan’s rich heritage. Against the majestic backdrop of an old temple, attendees enjoyed performances and indulged in traditional local cuisine. The closing lunch at Taipei’s prestigious Grand Hotel gave attendees a breathtaking view of Taipei as they exchanged heartfelt farewells.

“I enjoyed experiencing Taiwan’s great culture and history. I connected with many EO Taipei members and EO Japan members. The event changed my perception about the Chinese-speaking market and motivated me to learn Chinese,” said Viet Nguyen, EO Tokyo Metropolitan. “EO events are the best place to play, meet new friends, and learn.”

Discover Okinawa

Discover Okinawa welcomed 355 members from 22 countries who were immersed in the rich tapestry of Japanese traditions, with many surprises throughout the event.

Attendees worked together in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: EO members set a Guinness World Record for simultaneously breaking roof tiles, an activity inspired by local culture since Okinawa is the home of karate. A total of 294 people participated, wearing traditional karate gi uniforms and all shouting and swinging their arms to break the roof tiles at the same time. Guinness monitors confirmed that 279 roof tiles were simultaneously broken. When it was announced that the record had been set, everyone broke into loud cheers of delight!

“It was fascinating to experience the difference in culture in Okinawa and witness the amount of work it took to attempt a Guinness world record,” said Danial Lee of EO Singapore. “It was my first time in Okinawa, and I emerged from the experience more enlightened in general with more EO connections in my global network.”

During Discover Okinawa, members enjoyed insights that ignited their leadership spirits from Mr. Kazuo Hirai, Sony Group Senior Advisor, and Mr. Haruki Satomi, SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS Inc. President and Group CEO, representing two world-renowned Japanese brands.

A surprise tuna-cutting ceremony at the closing dinner showcased Japan’s unique food culture, followed by a fireworks display that painted “EO” in the night sky. The event attracted media attention on Japan’s national TV news, resulting in significant publicity for EO.

Next Discover North Asia destination: Nanjing, China

EO Discover series provides members the opportunity to explore new cities and network with peers amid exclusive activities that are well-suited for enjoyment and learning. Three additional events are planned, one in May 2024 and two in fiscal year 2024-25.

Ready to Discover North Asia? The next event in the series, 2024 North Asia Discover Nanjing, will be hosted by the EO China East chapter from 16-18 May 2024. Learn more and register for this exciting opportunity to learn like a local in Nanjing, the ancient Chinese capital of the six dynasties.

“I felt emotionally motivated after many exchanges with EOers from Taiwan and APEC regions, learning about different entrepreneurial ideologies and best practices from top professionals,” shared Penny Kou. “Discover Taipei elevated my business vision with a clearly defined scope, encompassing professional mindset with a distinct strategic direction. And — I had a great time with great people!”

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