Act for Impact: A Lookback at EO Unlimited Barcelona 2023

EO Europe’s 2023 regional event, EO Unlimited Barcelona, from 18-20 October, attracted more than 180 members from 46 countries to hear 14 speakers and make countless impactful connections. The event featured dramatic social venues, from casual hangouts to black-tie gala dinners to beachside bashes. EO members from 42 chapters brought their high-energy brand of curiosity, open-minded enthusiasm, and thirst for learning to help make the event a huge success.

Under the theme “Act for Impact,” EO members explored a multitude of ways to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s sage advice: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

As always, EO members gained energy and built momentum from engaging together. In addition, the inspiring speakers provided vital takeaways for members, including that making a positive impact can be the main focus of your business.

Engaging speakers

Dandapani, an entrepreneur, author and Hindu priest, delivered a message that made a significant impact on EO members. In his speaker session, he addressed the value of learning unwavering focus, knowing your life’s purpose, and building a 50-year legacy.

“Dandapani’s learning segment impacted me significantly. The mixture of wisdom and practical tools was magical; a structured process in spirituality. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but I found his message and the radical choices he has made very inspiring. He shared that “Life is not short, but it is finite,” which I found very inspiring because it prioritizes everything. I am reading his book now, and I am not disappointed!”  — Emmy van Rooyen, EO Netherlands, founder, AFTER’SCOOL

Other notable speakers included Verne Harnish, EO founder, who shared his experience on scaling organizations; Jeff Hoffman, chair of Global Entrepreneurship Network, who spoke about building and leaving a lasting legacy and discovering ways to redefine growth through purpose for positive impact; and Florencia Andrés, an award-winning international speaker, bestselling author, and mindset coach for high performers. 

“The speakers were very impressive, inspiring, and sparked many thoughts.” — Sebastian Baerhold, EO Munich, founder, IDnow

“I learned a lot from Florencia Andrés, who shared how to use effective communication and recognition to drive team morale and performance. In her words, good vibes make a team unstoppable.” — Emmy van Rooyen, EO Netherlands

Inspiring change

We asked EO Unlimited Barcelona attendees how the event changed them both personally and professionally:

“I’m in a phase of change. EO Unlimited Barcelona helped me to recharge, see possibilities, and get into action mode.” — Ernest van der Meijde, EO Barcelona, founder, Wibaut and 1828

“Since the event, I now enjoy a morning routine for a dialogue with myself. I write, read and stare out my window, just for a moment! I am still getting used to it, but I am very happy with it.” — Emmy van Rooyen, EO Netherlands

“I came to Barcelona very low in energy, unsure if I would survive a week of meetings, conversations and speakers. And then, the EO magic happened: Wonderful people, inspiring conversations and meaningful connections. And my energy is back!” — Heiko Trautwein, EO Zurich, founder, Cakefriends

What would you share with EOers about EO Unlimited?

“What a kick-off for my EO international journey! A great thank you to the organizing team that put all this energy and effort into providing such a unique experience — so many things to take in and digest. Such a great community of people where shared values create a magical, homey feeling! I’m looking forward to what is yet to come.” — Maria Droumpani, EO Greece, founder,  Gruppo MD Lifestyle

“The international EO events really make a big difference for me. It’s incredible how just going to one event can offer so many new ideas, friends, and a boost of energy. I can’t wait to go to more EO events around the world.”  Ernest van der Meijde, EO Barcelona

Insightful takeaways

Here’s a sample of the powerful takeaways from EO Unlimited Barcelona:

  1. Florencia Andres tells us to repeat: “I believe in me” or “I believe in you.”
  2. Verne Harnish reminded us not to use a shield that gets damaged when it takes hits, but instead to design an antifragile shield that gets stronger each time it gets hit.
  3. Dandapani provided a straightforward yet powerful way to figure out life’s priorities: Life is not short, but it is finite. When you think you’ll live forever, your priorities are loose and disorganized. But if you knew you had only days or weeks of life left, what would you prioritize? If you shrink your time, your ability to focus increases exponentially. When you’re confronted with a challenge in prioritization, simply shrink the time left, and the choice will become apparent. It’s a tool we can all use to get back on track.

Thanks to the efforts of member leaders and EO staff, the event came together like a dream and ended with high-fives all around.

Intrigued by this recap? Save the date for EO Unlimited 2024, which will be hosted by EO Suisse Romande in Geneva, Switzerland, from 25-27 September 2024.

We look forward to seeing you next year for another memorable EO Unlimited event.

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