How We Amplified to Go Bolder: EO XCentric 2023 Recap

The echoes of inspiration are still reverberating after the US Central region hosted its annual regional event, EO XCentric 2023 in Detroit, from 2-4 October 2023. Under the theme of “Amplify”, EO members were encouraged to go bigger, bolder and better as disruptors and doers as they explored the heartbeat of the Motor City that birthed Motown.

“You can’t replace the magic, spontaneity and connection that happens when EOers get together at in-person events,” said Andrew Kuhn of EO Detroit, who served as the XCentric event co-chair. “That value can’t be measured.”

“I was honored to co-chair a board of 15 incredible humans for 18 months to plan and execute XCentric. The shared experience of everyone giving their best to deliver a peak experience for over 500 EOers is one of my greatest experiences in EO to date and will keep me a contributing member for a long time to come,” he continued. “Get outside your comfort zone and introduce yourself to other EOers; there are amazing humans in this organization.”

The 500+ attendees enjoyed an electric atmosphere, impactful speakers, and a robust lineup of MyEO events. EO XCentric 2023 was an authentic, carefully curated, and immersive experience for everyone who attended.

But don’t take our word for it! We asked EOers about their XCentric experiences. Here’s what they shared:

What aspect of EO XCentric 2023 did you enjoy most?

“I’ve been to three XCentric events; each time, I enjoy the (instantly) deep conversations with fellow founders. The hallway chats and lunch table discussions always give me so much to think about in terms of seeking balance in my family life and shared experiences in scaling businesses.”

— Luke Komiskey, EO Minnesota, founder and CEO, DataDrive

“XCentric is an opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, hear from incredible thought leaders, explore groundbreaking ideas, and engage in epic social events — all while creating a transformational growth experience with your EO peers. Attending XCentric each year is one of the best investments I have made in my EO journey. It enriches me not only as a business leader but also as an individual.”

— Lisa Hall, EO Fort Worth, president, Bene-Marc

“The reason I go to XCentric is to be with other EO members, both to meet new people and renew the relationships I’ve established. I buy my ticket for XCentric for the next year while I’m at that year’s XCentric event. It’s that impactful.”

— Jeffrey Doussan, EO Louisiana, Keller Williams New Orleans

Was there a favorite speaker or learning segment that impacted you significantly?

“I’m biased, but the overall programming was phenomenal, bringing entrepreneurs of all different backgrounds and stories. I had a ton of ‘writer-downers’.”

Andrew D. Kuhn, EO Detroit, CEO, Sunrise

“The most impactful speaker at XCentric 2023 was chairwoman and CEO of the Motown Museum, Robin Terry. She expertly painted a picture of how the visionary, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur, Berry Gordy, nurtured budding talent and created musical legends. Understanding how Motown Records bridged different genres of music and reached across racial lines during the 60s and early 70s is a testament to the living legacy of Motown that has touched people across the world.”

— Lisa Hall, EO Fort Worth

What were your top takeaways from EO XCentric 2023? 

  1. Entrepreneurs all go through the same struggles (and no one has it all figured out).
  2. Investing in yourself as a leader pays back 10x at work and home.
  3. The broader EO community provides huge value if you get outside of your comfort zone.

— Luke Komiskey, EO Minnesota

“I left XCentric with a broader perspective of different ideas and possibilities of what I can achieve when I view life through a lens of curiosity and embrace boundless opportunities. I was challenged to think outside of the box, seek understanding, and engage with others while listening for understanding.”

– Lisa Hall, EO Fort Worth

“You could easily turn an EO regional event like this into a Forum or chapter retreat. Sharing this type of high-level experience with your Forum makes for an amazing bonding experience.”
Andrew D. Kuhn, EO Detroit

What would you share with EO members who are considering attending a regional event? 

“Just do it, especially with the intention to meet other entrepreneurs. The speakers are fantastic, but the biggest value is what happens in the hallways when you meet a new friend who may unlock something you haven’t even thought about. It makes you appreciate the broader EO network — and it’s a big reason I joined my chapter’s board.” — Luke Komiskey, EO Minnesota

“If you’re on the fence about going to a regional or other event outside of your chapter, I’ll share that my first regional event literally changed the trajectory of my EO journey for the better. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Be bold and just do it!” Andrew D. Kuhn, EO Detroit

Register today! Engaging in your local chapter is only one of the amazing benefits of EO. Attending a regional event opens your eyes to the limitless possibilities of EO, introduces you to the Path of Leadership, and connects you with other business owners from across the region while you enjoy a once in a lifetime event with your EO community.” — Lisa Hall, EO Fort Worth

“Attending XCentric makes me even more curious about going to EO events outside the country and growing my network beyond my region.” — Jeffrey Doussan, EO Louisiana

“If you get a chance to bid on hosting an XCentric or other regional event, take it! — Andrew D. Kuhn, EO Detroit

Now is a great time to register for XCentric 2024 “Unbridled” in Fort Worth, Texas, from 27-29 October 2024.

Image courtesy of Brett Mountain Photography and ©Brett Mountain.

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