EO Members Share Gratitude for Random Acts of Kindness

The 17,000+ members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) share a passion for entrepreneurship and maximizing their individual potential to move the world forward, together. In doing so, members forge a strong bond of support and shared experience.

In observance of Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, we asked members to share a Random Act of Kindness they received from another EO member and how it impacted them. Here’s what seven EO members shared:

Creating a brighter future

I met Carolina Lopez (EO Nicaragua) through EO. Our shared passion for helping children through education and empowerment helped us become great friends and colleagues.

In 2022, I founded a non-profit organization, High Tide Global, with my life partner, Elbert, to provide underprivileged children around the world with access to education, infrastructure, and motivational classes. We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering children to create a better future for themselves.

Carolina has been an invaluable partner in our mission. She has invested US$1 million to create a unique educational and empowerment program for children, the Superhero Program. It teaches children how to tap into their inner strength, empowering them to become strong, confident, and resilient individuals who can make a positive impact on their communities. Carolina generously donated the Superhero program to High Tide Global—allowing us to further our mission of lifting the tide for 1 billion people by 2032. Her act of kindness is a gift that will keep on giving for generations and throughout the globe.

— Hazel Ortega, EO Orange County, co-founder, High Tide Global

Securing a hacked website

While we were in Accelerator together, Brennen Bliss (EO Austin) helped me out of a bind during our overnight group retreat. My company’s website got hacked. I knew nothing about websites, security or hosting. But Brennen, founder of Propellic, came to my rescue: He migrated my company’s website to WP Engine over breakfast! That’s not even his business, but he is a technical guru. It would have taken us weeks to find a trusted resource and get it done.

It was a random act of kindness that improved my business, reduced my stress level and made Brennen a trusted fellow EOer for life!

— Carolyn Lowe, EO Austin, founder and CEO, ROI Swift

A thoughtful personal touch

GLC provides opportunities to connect with EO members from all over the world. At the 2019 GLC in Macau, China, my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Saurabh Kakkar, former president of EO Jaipur, who truly embodies the spirit of EO and the meaning of connection. Eventually, my family planned a trip to India, including a visit to Jaipur.

Saurabh graciously arranged for us to have dinner together and even sent a car to pick us up. But that’s not where the story ends. When one of our flights got cancelled, we had to take an eight-hour train to Udaipur. Saurabh and his wife, Vinnie, went above and beyond by preparing a take-along food bag for us, complete with individually wrapped meals, condiments, snacks, after-dinner refreshments, drinks, vitamins, medicines, and even a deck of playing cards! Their thoughtful act had a profound impact on our trip; they taught me a valuable lesson about incorporating a personal touch in my business relationships.

— Vinit Dhruva, EO Philadelphia, president and CEO, DFW Motel Supply & Textiles-NJ

Welcoming new EOers with open arms

Whenever a new member joins EO anywhere around the world, Ashtan Moore (EO DC) shares his direct contact on Slack and invites them to meet with him so he can welcome them and share any advice he may know about EO or business. When I met with him online, he gave me a tour and explained to me how a sales tool worked, even sent me templates and scripts he personally uses in his business. He is very active within the EO community, generous, and makes time for not just me, but everyone at EO.

— Linh Podetti, EO Sydney, founder and CEO, Outsourcing Angel

A sign of thoughtfulness

Russ Hassmann, the first founding member of EO Connecticut, owns National Sign Corp. His company makes signs and branding for well-known companies including Maserati, Ferrari and Barnes & Noble. I am honored to call Russ a Forum mate for my 14 years in EO (24 years for him). My company recently moved to a new space where we could (finally!) have a sign above our entrance. Russ offered guidance and insight around the process of ordering and permitting a sign. As my team got the necessary approvals, to my great surprise, Russ had his team make and deliver us a new sign. It was a huge gift both personally and professionally, and I am reminded of our tremendous friendship and bond every day I walk into my office. It’s a symbol of all the learning, growing and friendships I have from joining EO and a reminder of giving back to this awesome EO global community.

— James Smith, EO Connecticut, president and chief connector, Universal Connectivity®

Solving Covid travel woes

During the height of the Covid pandemic, my then-wife’s sister contracted Covid and passed away. We live in New York City; she lived in Florida. My wife needed to go to Florida to bury her sister. As Covid was raging and vaccines weren’t yet available to us, traveling by plane didn’t feel safe. I posted on EO NY Google Groups, requesting ideas on how to get her from New York to Florida safely.

One EO member offered to fly her to Atlanta by private jet to meet her niece who could drive her to Florida. Another EO member offered up his RV so she could drive there comfortably. Other members offered access to high-end safety equipment. An international member worked her network to find a charter plane. I remain grateful for the many resources and ideas our generous community offered during that difficult time.

— Richard Levychin, EO New York, partner, Galleros Robinson

Spiritual kindness and the gift of time

On separate occasions during a very tough time in my life, Trixie Whyte and Leah Caringal, both EO Philippines members, reached out to me to say they were thinking about me, asked how I was doing, and made sure I knew that they were there in case I needed anything.

Time, for me, is the most precious gift. For two incredibly busy women to stop whatever they were doing to check in on a fellow woman entrepreneur is an act of kindness that I will never forget. Knowing that I had friends in EO who were tuned in to me and who cared enough to let me know that I was not alone made me feel more confident and brave. I truly have a tribe!

— Haraya Del Rosario Gust, EO Philippines South, CEO, StraightArrow Corporation

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