womens entrepreneur day

Celebrating Wonder women

womens entrepreneur dayAt EO, we celebrate entrepreneurs every day. But with Women’s Entrepreneurship Day taking place this week, we’re directing our applause to all the entrepreneurs who are women! What better way to recognize these hard-working innovators than by showcasing female founders who have been featured on EO’s Wonder podcast?

Host and EO member Kalika Yap launched the podcast as a way to share stories that empower women entrepreneurs to change the world. At the very core of Kalika’s work is the belief that empowered women empower women.

Her guests include the women driving innovation, evolution and revolution in every industry imaginable—including IT, fitness, marketing, nutrition, finance and fashion.

Check out our top five Wonder women, and get ready to be empowered!

1. Lauren Messiah: This Los Angeles­–based EO member has built a robust business at the intersection of personal development and personal style. Lauren believes the way you dress is more than the clothes you’re wearing. Discover—and own—your style and you’ll realize an unparalleled level of self-confidence and empowerment. In her interview on Wonder, she talks about racism in all of its forms, her experience as a black female founder and how she’s using her position to make a difference. Listen here.

2. Heidi Zak: Meet the woman who turned the bra industry upside down. Heidi Zak launched ThirdLove with Ra’el Cohen in 2013 with the (revolutionary) core belief: Every woman deserves to be comfortable and confident. Little did she know that inventing half cup sizes would lead to a whole, empowering movement. Heidi talks brand, innovation, fundraising, financing and the myth of balance. Listen here.

3. Debbie Goodman-Bhyat: How do you find yourself studying law while pursuing a career in dance at one moment and then becoming a serial entrepreneur focused on talent acquisition and executive coaching the next? You say yes, says Debbie Goodman-Bhyat. This EO member shares her unique journey and emphasizes the power of taking risks in her conversation with Kalika. Listen here.

4. Kathy David: From waitress to bank manager to CEO of her own IT security company—Kathy’s journey is a lesson in perseverance. In her conversation with Kalika, she describes making the leap from working at a bank to co-founding an IT solutions business. Listen here.

5. Heidi Golledge: As a child, Heid Golledge was determined to make money to help her family. She decided that learning computer coding and practicing her sales abilities were two steps toward that. Those skills serve her well to this day in her role as founder and CEO at Jobot—a career platform that connects AI and experienced recruiters to fill jobs. What can you learn about hiring, raising capita and employee engagement from this award-winning entrepreneur? Listen here.

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