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Skills of the Future that Guarantee Success!

self-mastery susan jamesWritten by Susan James, co-founder, self-discovery trainer and coach at Self Discovery Life Mastery. Susan James will be among the experts featured during EO 24/7, a weeklong virtual learning event during which we reimagine what it means to be truly significant in this ever-changing world as entrepreneurs, leaders and individuals. EO 24/7 will take place 18–23 November 2019. Registration is free. Learn more and register today.  

The world is changing … and changing fast! For many years, up until about 100 years ago, many people were living in the Agricultural Age, on farms working the land, and implementing skills that had been handed down for generations.

In the early 1900s, as the Industrial and Mechanical Age developed, it was a necessity for many to develop a completely new set of skills to survive as the world changed.

As the world moved into the Technology Age in the 1970s and 80s, the value to society of those who invented and developed technical and computer skills began to increase. Most recently we have been in the Information Age. Most people have so much information and multiple choices to make—from the minute they get up in the morning until they go to bed. These can be as fundamental as deciding what to wear or where to eat—or as significant as deciding whose name to put on a ballot when voting for a president, or as a CEO making decisions that affect thousands of people.

Every day more and more people are overwhelmed, anxious, sick and stressed. Many are unable to create their ideal relationships or experience harmony with their families. Others have just run out of tools and don’t know how to relax and unwind. They aren’t happy with their career and can’t focus on what they are doing, are unclear about their vision and are unable to fulfill their potential and purpose.

They are not enjoying their life, and it is certainly not what they “expected.”

So as the Information Age ends, we are moving into the Consciousness Age, or Golden Age.

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As humanity has evolved through these different ages, it has always been the pioneers who have led the way—whether it be in discovering America’s Wild West, inventing automobiles or creating the computer hardware and software companies that now play such a vital part in today’s world.

The Self Discovery Group and the Self Discovery Trainers are the Pioneers of Today. The future necessitates a new strategy to develop self- and life-mastery, and that is exactly what the Self Discovery Techniques provide. They are very simple and highly effective skills that empower a person with a set of tools so they can manage themselves and their life!

The five components of the Self Discovery Techniques are:
  • Awareness: The value, purpose and results of becoming more self-aware. Understanding the difference between thinking about life and being present (and experiencing and feeling life).
  • Attention: Since attention determines reality, how focusing attention is the most important skill to develop in the future.
  • Beliefs: By understanding it is belief that creates reality, seeing the value of exploring belief patterns that can be limiting or sabotaging.
  • Identities: Why we behave differently with different people, and how to get the results we want when dealing with others.
  • Intention: What it is and how you create your experiences by your intention – the difference between intentions being deliberate and on automatic.

While everybody has a different personal experience as they progress through the Self Discovery Process, they all experience the following:

  • They feel as though they are fulfilling more of their potential; and that they have a set of limitless tools to support them in constantly growing and evolving at the speed they prefer;
  • They are developing self-mastery skills, so they are more effective at managing themselves, their behavior and emotions;
  • And they create great results, whether that be in their business, with their family, in creating their ideal partner and relationships, or any other area!

We believe that True Success in Life = Well-being + Effectiveness.

The Self Discovery Techniques are a revolutionary strategy to accelerate the self-mastery process!

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