7 Habits That Keep Women Stuck

Women’s leadership expert Sally Helgesen and leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith join forces to address the common and specific roadblocks women face in their pursuit of professional success in the book How Women Rise. The very habits that may have helped women early in their careers may be hindering them as they progress in the workplace. Helgesen and Goldsmith tackle the top 12 habits that could be stopping your next promotion.

Here, we reveal seven practices that could be sabotaging your growth:

  1. Expecting others to spontaneously notice and reward your contributions: declining to take responsibility for getting noticed by failing to communicate what you are doing or the value of what you contribute.
  2. Overvaluing expertise: focusing too much attention on mastering the skills your job requires rather than also building the connections and visibility that will help you move forward.
  3. Failing to enlist allies from day one: avoiding asking for help until you’ve done all your homework and thoroughly know the parameters of your job rather than starting with the question “who do I need to make this job a success?”
  4. Putting your job before your career: allowing your desire to demonstrate loyalty and commitment to your boss or your team to prevent you from pursuing opportunities that will position you for the future.
  5. The disease to please: being so fearful of disappointing others that you fail to hold them accountable, assert your own boundaries and say no when it serves your best interests.
  6. Too much: offering too much information, too much disclosure, too many words or too much background rather than being crisp and concise in your communications.
  7. Ruminating: expending too much energy, thinking too much about the past, dissecting your mistakes, blaming yourself, and turning regret inward rather than moving on.

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