Kalika Yap’s entrepreneurial journey started by accident after she left her New York journalism career. When she found herself in California without a job in 1996, she discovered the burgeoning web design industry—and she felt right at home. Today, this EO Los Angeles member is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, inventor and EO podcaster who is guided by an unwavering set of core values.

“Knowing what I value makes it easier to make decisions that are in line with who I want to be and what matters to me in life. Core values have helped me, my family and my team all work toward a common goal,” says Kalika. “I have also found that core values free me up to make decisions faster, help me to stop micromanaging, and allow me to focus on the core work and start other businesses.” To learn what Kalika considers her most important values, read her Octane profile.

Another aspect of her life that helps her develop along her entrepreneurial path is her EO membership. “EO is such a wonderful tribe for me because they teach me how to learn and grow and, in turn, I can teach other businesses to grow.”

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