Paul Chu’s entrepreneurial journey may have started when he turned a weekend hobby into a business, but it didn’t truly flourish until he figured out a way to reset his company’s culture.

“I had spent so much energy fighting battles externally that I failed to nurture a healthy culture internally,” explains Paul, an EO China South member. “The workplace had become very poisonous, and I could see it spreading slowly in all corners of the company. The competition wouldn’t need to kill us—we would kill ourselves!”

It was an EO presentation by Cameron Herold that motivated Paul to repair the toxic culture through new management techniques.

“With such a global mix of employees and customers, I knew I needed to select the best of both Eastern and Western management styles to forge my own unique blend. Using my background as a compass, coupled with Cameron’s steps, I set out to strengthen our company culture,” says Paul. Read more on how a revamped leadership approach has created happier staff and greater results for Paul.

Peer learning like this is one of the many reasons Paul appreciates EO. “The people within EO are incredible role models for me—to see how passionate they are and the ideas that they come up. It’s just so comfortable to be amongst a peer group that thinks like you. You will find that those friendships last for life.”

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