Building a True Client Partnership

Paul Binsfeld is an EO Arizona member, as well as the founder and president of Company Nurse, LLC. In 2016, Paul launched Enspiri Solutions, LLC, the first-to-market SaaS solution for workers’ compensation nurse triage management.

He shared tips gleaned from 20 years of partnering with long-term clients in our March 2017 Octane issue. Read Paul’s complete list of lessons—as well as additional insights from other EO members—at our Octane magazine homepage.

1. Understand a Client’s Motivation

Design your services to help your client achieve their goals. We assess results for each client monthly, quarterly and annually, adjusting our services as we go to maximize client benefit. They appreciate our customized approach.

2. Say “I’m Sorry”

In 2010, I brought all our call center operations in-house. The switchover was not seamless. My rowboat had leaks and was slowly sinking—and my clients felt it. So, I embarked on what I now call my “apology tour.” I was truthful with clients about what I had under control and what needed to be handled. One major municipality requested I speak directly with some very frustrated members who were rightfully fed up with the situation. I was transparent with them, and we all ended up on the same page. My clients gave me some breathing room, the transition was completed successfully, and we recently celebrated 10 years of service with that municipality.

3. Do the Right Thing for the Client, and the Money Will Follow

Doing the right thing fosters good business decisions and helps me sleep better at night. If you always work with your client’s best interest at heart, and couple it with good communication, you will build strong trust, respect and credibility over time.

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