Valuable Insight from a Millennial

Business blogs, editorials and “Top 10” lists with advice for millennials, specifically those entering the workforce, are not in short supply; rarer is authentic perspective given by millennials for a larger audience – which is why an article on our social media feed made us pause for reflection.

Nicolas Cole, contributor and author of “The 1 Thing I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Starting My First Job (Written By A Millennial),” offered some sound advice and insight in his trending article for new and seasoned entrepreneurs, alike:

The biggest mistake I see 20-somethings make is thinking they have something to prove. You have nothing to prove. Nobody tells you this in college, or high school, or middle school, or elementary school. In fact, we are all taught the opposite. We are taught that we have everything to prove. That we must prove ourselves, otherwise nobody will want us. False.

Read the entire article here.

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