EO Asks: What is Your Key to Motivation in Business?

“My passion from the beginning was to create a unique and boutique experience for clients. Although my passion still revolves around people, now it is more on the business front. Specifically, helping our franchisees achieve their goals of being successful in business.”

  • Aaron Smith (EO Australia – Victoria), founder of KX Group

“The work atmosphere. We’ve created this environment where we can create value and do it with individual authenticity. It allows not only myself, but my employees, to come to work just as they are— with their smiles or frowns, their competitive or laid-back attitudes, their sandals or cross-fit shoes.”

  • Dave Will (EO Boston), founder of Peach New Media

“I would say my industry. The technology industry is ever-changing and that vigorous environment not only motivates me, it challenges me to continue growing and adapting my company.”

  • Heather Terenzio-McCollester (EO Colorado), founder of Techtonic Group, LLC

“My passion is in my business’s purpose. Everything we do—from projects and educational sessions to calculations and consulting—we are focused on reducing environmental impacts while increasing the quality of life for building users. The more we work, the more possibilities we have of positively impacting our world.”

  • Maria de Lourdes Salinas (EO Monterrey), founder of Three Consultoria Medioambiental

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