31 Days of #WOMENtrepreneurs: A Recap

To celebrate the last day of 2015, we want to recap our extremely successful and exciting #WOMENtrepreneurs campaign that we held throughout the month of October this year. We wanted to create a dialogue surrounding workplace equality and recognize the value that created when both women and men are acknowledged for their efforts, both personally and professionally. During the 31 days of the month, we created memes highlighting EO members and non-members with pictures, quotations, milestones and a member video.

End of the Month #WOMENtrepreneurs

Check out all our #WOMENtrepreneurs blog posts here. Our campaign was highlighted in an Associations Now article Рread it here.

For more information about EO’s efforts to encourage women in their entrepreneurial journeys,¬†email us!

Join us as #EOlooksforward during January 2016! We’ll cover new year’s resolutions, hot new business trends and more.

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