A Community of TotalE Support

The following statement and photo montage highlight EO member Tim Harrison’s TotalE experience and how his community plays a vital role in his entrepreneurial journey:

My support community is made up of my wife and two children, our immediate family and some of my good friends shown here. My journey started 20+ years ago when I was in college. I was often working two jobs while attending college, including some hard labor in construction, and I was driving an old ‘79 Caprice Classic Chevy with a compass on the dash and rust on the side….but I had a dream. Today, the people I have surrounded myself with have allowed me to go from having that dream to living my dream. My EO group (pictured here) has been very instrumental in this transformation taking place, and I never would have guessed that a group I joined primarily to improve my business would not only surpass my expectations, but would also change my personal life for the better. EO has also allowed me to share the journey with clients, friends, family and my team.

These pictures range from snowboarding and fly fishing in the mountains with my family, to flying dogfights in the Midwest and watching the world’s top golfers with my friends and EO mates. From viewing one of my Forum mate’s car museum to celebrating my son’s 8th and my father’s upcoming 80th birthday, life is truly a journey, and my hope is that you are able to enjoy the ride along the way.

Tim HarrisonEO Nebraska

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