What is the Difference Between a Businessperson and an Entrepreneur?

Two GSEA finalists answer the question, “What is the difference between a businessperson an an entrepreneur?” Eileen Phoan, an artist from Malaysia, and Mohammed Fawaz, who empowers students through accessible online learning platforms, highlight the difference between a career and a lifestyle. They culminate September’s theme of innovation within their respective fields. Here’s what they had to say:

“Entrepreneurship is a wholesome growth, in terms of personal development, health, values and principals. It is a complex balance of leadership, management and skills to lead a team and to empower talents to bring an impact to the world, bridging the solutions to the problems. Most importantly, it is the spirit of determination and perseverance to turn one’s passion into a career and to always reignite the fire within.” – Eileen Phoan

Eileen is a self-proclaimed storyteller and jewelry designer who found the creative outlet she sought through entrepreneurship. Her business, Left & Right Artisan Handcraft, is located in Malaysia.

Mohammed Fawaz, CEO and Shareholder of Global Tutor, is seeking to educate students in Sri Lanka through customized, online learning. He was the first GSEA finalist from his country and has this to say about the power of entrepreneurship:

“I wish to avidly express that the experience which I have gained through GSEA has helped manifest entrepreneurial change within me. What’s more, by establishing the GSEA competition here in my home country, I know that it will help many others to rise up the corporate ladder like I have.”

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As we close out our month of Innovation at EO, look for our upcoming celebration of women entrepreneurs, “31 Days of #WOMENtrepreneurs.” We’ll be celebrating the perspectives and accomplishments of businesswomen across the globe through pictures, videos, stories and more!

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