TED Talks: Arianna Huffington’s “How to Succeed? Get More Sleep”

By Jamie Hughes, an Account Manager at Speakers Corner

TED Talks have gradually become a fruitful new resource for entrepreneurs, marketeers and financiers and many have benefited from discovering inspirational talks from speakers. This TED Talk may not guarantee immediate success but will certainly inspire you to make important changes for your business.

Arianna Huffington’s: ‘How to Succeed? Get More Sleep’

Arianna is a Greek-American author and columnist and is known most for being the founder of the Huffington Post. In her talk, Arianna discusses the importance of sleep for functioning effectively in the working world. She describes a personal story about sleeping patterns and the effects of fatigue and went on to talk about men she has met who brag about on how little sleep they can function: “There is now a sleep deprivation one-upmanship.” She encourages her audience to follow her in seeing the value of sleep by using the example: if Lehman Brothers had been ‘Lehman Brothers and Sisters’, equipped with women who understood the power of eight hours of sleep a night, they may still exist today.

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