Being Creative is More than a Fresh Idea

By Darin Harker, an EO Utah member and president at Quirk

Just the other day I was helping my daughter with her resume. She wanted it to be creative and unique and although the layout was original I felt that she was missing some important elements and copy. This started me thinking about my creative approach to the work that we do. So, I wrote her the following note:

Being creative is not just about coming up with something new. It also needs to meet the objectives, desires, hopes and dreams of the target audience in a pleasing and supporting manner.

Suggestions to get you started:

1. Start with the target audience
Who are they? What do they want, need, desire or lack? Then ask yourself how you can help fulfill that need and call this your goal.

2. Develop and plan your idea with creativity and critical thinking
This is a rough sketch, a simple outline or plan-on-a-napkin. During the creation of the idea, always keep the goal in mind.

3. Review
Prior to executing your idea, review it and make sure it fulfills the desired goal. If your idea starts to waver from the goal, stop and start over. Ask for help if you can’t do it all. There are experts in all fields to assist you.

 4. Execute your idea
When your idea is done and you have thoroughly reviewed it, present it to the target audience. Exceed their expectations, whenever possible, but always meet them.

They are bound to enjoy your idea. Take initiative and ask for a commission to do another project for them right then and there, while they still have a smile on their face. Referrals are also nice to receive at this point.

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