Setting Our Kids up for Success

By Peter Nuttall, EO buy college essays Brisbane member and managing director of RUD Chains P/L

Last September, while I was visiting Istanbul with my 19-year-old daughter, I reflected on the decisions my wife and I made to ensure the very best for our children. We wanted them to be leaders and to forge a path of success for themselves and for others. In that moment, I realized the three tenets we followed to raise our wonderful children into thriving adults.

Parental Care

From a very young age we included our children in adult conversations and encouraged them to make decisions based on choices we provided instead of being too directive. This included allowing our children to recommend their own punishments. In doing so, we taught our children a valuable lessons in decision making and consequences.


We chose a school that had a strong discipline ethos, a focus in performing arts and encouraged public speaking. These principles mirrored our family’s core values and are the foundation for a confident, effective leader.


We encouraged the kids to engage in a multitude of team sports rather than individual sports to work on team building, cooperation and leadership skills from a young age.

So on reflection it was a proud and humbling experience sitting there in Istanbul reflecting on a life experience neither my daughter nor I will forget sharing.

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