5 Tips on Becoming a Remarkable Entrepreneur

By Katie Letourneau, special to Overdrive

Here are some helpful tips to take you to that next level as an entrepreneur:

  1. Explore Your Passion. Life is too short to be wasted doing something that doesn’t bring you joy.  With that being said, it’s ok if you don’t know exactly what it is you love to do. However, there is always something for everyone … you just have to find it! Never give up searching for that career that both enthuses and constantly challenges you because you WILL find work you adore. When you wake up and realize that you love coming in to work every day, then THAT is when you know you have found your passion!
  2. Just Do It. In order to become a remarkable entrepreneur, you must put your words into action! After all, the wise man Thomas Edison once said: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” What, exactly, is holding you back from achieving your career goals? So why not act now? Your dreams are staring you right in the face, you just have to reach out and grab them. Just. Do. It.
  3. Be Bold. The fear of failure is often common amongst those who are afraid of what they might lose if they take a risk to achieve their goals. But one must remember that it is the act itself of taking these risks that allows us to genuinely grow and learn from our mistakes. If you live your life with the fear that you might “fail,” then it’s about time that you ask yourself which is worse: never taking a chance and living a mediocre life, OR putting yourself out there for the opportunity to achieve your greatest dreams? If you’re ready to shape yourself into a remarkable entrepreneur, then take that chance, challenge your abilities and be bold.
  4. Inspire Your Team. Behind every accomplished entrepreneur is a driven and supportive team. In order to turn your vision into a reality, it is highly dependable on the talent that you surround yourself with. The measure of your success is directly parallel to the support of your team members, so be sure to develop, appreciate and praise them for their hard work. Keep the motivation high by offering incentives and perks that will make them want to tackle obstacles and reach their targets.
  5. Work Hard, Play Hard. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you deserve a break! While it’s true that a remarkable entrepreneur will work around the clock to achieve their goals, it’s also their willingness to have some fun that keeps them grounded. Whether you put some time aside to give back to your community, or simply hop on a plane to  Las Vegas, it’s extremely  important that you keep in touch with reality and let off some steam every once in awhile.

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