Traveling with Technology

Traveling is not as always easy, especially when managing a business. That being said, there is often room for mistakes to happen once you are away from your home or office. Issues such as delayed or cancelled flights, traffic, and all of the variables that come along with travel add to the anxiety travel sometimes can induce.

Fortunately, with modern-day technology, everything from booking your flight, to checking traffic to the airport, and now even booking a rental car can be done while you are “on the go” by using the various mobile devices available. The use of technology is the answer to making travel stress free.

The last thing you want to worry about while about to board a flight is remembering that you forgot to book your rental car from the airport for your trip. There is no need to panic, because several car rental companies provide mobile smartphone applications to make the process of booking a vehicle “on the go” easy. For example, the Hertz mobile “app” provides convenience, speed, and savings with the ability to book a car at your fingertips.

Once you’ve booked your car, you board your flight and finally arrive at your destination and are en-route to pick up your vehicle. Arriving at the location and having to wait on line for your turn to check-in while you are in a rush is not ideal. However, with 24-hour Self-Service Kiosks some rental companies offer, customers are able to make all the necessary rental transactions to pick up the keys to their vehicle with ease. This new advancement in technology has eliminated the long lines and provides customers with step by step instructions to complete the traditional rental process.

Finally in your car, you are ready to drive to your destination and are unfamiliar with the area. Although several cars have GPS technology built in, or with the use of GPS “apps”, it is easy to get around; Hertz makes it even easier to do so by making the Hertz Neverlost® available for rent to its customers. The navigation system is designed with a USB-port capability so that users can devise prior to traveling the most suitable travel route from their location to their destination making it easy and time-efficient to get around.

There are so many ways to utilize the various means of technology to your benefit when traveling. From the convenience of online check-in, to mobile “apps”, to self-service kiosks, traveling this day-and-age is simpler than ever. Harnessing these to improve your trip whether it is for business or leisure can only improve your experience and leave you as a calm traveler with a stress-free journey.


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