The “Right” Time to Sell Your Business

By Scott O’Rourke

Selling a business is a big decision– and typically one that entails a reason beyond just money. The piece of mind of not bearing all of the risks by yourself, a lifestyle change, estate planning matters, or net worth diversification can be significant motivators. It tends to be more of a lifestyle decision with a financial component than vice versa. Common factors include retirement, other interests, burn out, health issues, family matters, competition, capital limitations, risk exposure, or a blending of several issues.

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This article was previously published in “Exit Strategy,” a publication from Sun Mergers & Acquisitions. Sun Mergers & Acquisitions is a trusted boutique investment banking firm providing merger and acquisition, valuation, and strategic advisory services to lower-middle market buyers and sellers. Their professionals have completed more than 200 transactions in a wide range of industries. 

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