Book Talk: The New Small

How Emerging Technologies are Helping Smart Companies Thrive
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What happens when companies leverage emerging technologies to better understand their customers, help their employees collaborate more effectively, crowdsource, or otherwise improve their core business functions? They become companies with a competitive edge— and part of what author Phil Simon calls The New Small:

“All else being equal, it’s better to be small… Compared to big companies, many small businesses are adopting new technologies at both greater speed and lower costs. The represent two sources of a new competitive advantage for these nimble, agile companies. At the New Small, new technologies are enabling a completely different mindset and definition of work. This tech-friendly ethos is allowing employees to work on their own terms… In this vein, the New Small is using technology strategically to win the war for talent.”

Phil Simon posits that five emerging tech trends are making it possible for smaller companies to compete—and beat—large, established corporations.  The book not only explores these trends (cloud computing, software as a service, free and open-source software, mobility, and social media/social networking), but it also offers 11 case studies of companies who are walking the walk. They range from a law firm that switched to cloud computing to save money and speed up operations to a restaurateur who is using social media and mobile technologies to stay connected to his customers.

But don’t be fooled: this book isn’t really about technology. It’s about business, and the workplace trends that smart companies are adopting to be competitive in today’s global environment. Simon points out that it is not enough to deploy technology; smart entrepreneurs have to hire, partner with, and contract with the right people, while putting in place management structures that are open, innovative, and give people room to thrive.

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Phil Simon has graciously provided me with a signed copy of The New Small to give away to one lucky reader. To enter to win, leave a comment about what your company is doing to leverage one or more of the five emerging tech trends identified above and/or one specific step you’ve taken to use these technologies to improve your business. The best answer (as judged by me) wins a copy of The New Small.

*Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for agreeing to review it, but without any restrictions on what I might say.

Reviewed by Daria Steigman, founder of Steigman Communications, LLC and author of the Independent Thinking Blog.

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