Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

  • An Upside to the Economic Downside – The ailing economy is spotlighting a sick-of-it-all workforce. Think of it as an opportunity for healing and restoring morale.
  • Management Tip of the Day – Protect Your Good Idea – The best idea can still die when naysayers raise concerns, even if the concerns are meritless. Instead of trying to dodge unavoidable attacks, learn to expect the common types you’ll face, and how to counter them simply and convincingly.
  • : It’s extremely difficult to figure out why people walk out of your store, throw out your brochure, leave your site … but in fact, this is fertile territory for dramatically increasing sales.
  • America’s Best Small Companies in 2010 – Meet the top 20 on our list of publicly traded firms with sales under $1 billion.
  • How to Avoid Bank Fees – Back in the mid-2000s, fixed-rate commercial loans became almost impossible to find. Many banks began insisting that if you wanted a steady, predictable rate, you had to do swaps or spurs, which were complicated financial instruments allowing you to get what resembled a fixed-rate loan but was actually a variable loan tied to another deal with a “swap provider,” usually a third party.

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