Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

  • Facebook and Skype Exploring Partnership – Social networking website Facebook and Internet telephone company Skype are in talks to establish a partnership that is aimed at integrating their communication services, Wall Street Journal said, citing a person familiar with the situation.
  • A Simple Swipe on a Phone, and You’re Paid – It’s always thrilling when somebody looks at the Way Things Have Always Been Done, and then asks: Why? And then goes on to change the world forever. 1967: Why is it necessary to wait in line for a human teller if all you want to do is withdraw cash?

  • Twitter’s 60-Minute Shelf Life – Bono and Lady Gaga may be duking it out for social media supremacy, which a recent survey tried to determine by measuring the artists’ influence online (while somehow leaving out Justin Bieber).
  • Building a Fortune on a Grudge – David Fincher’s sensational film looks at a company whose founders have already had the kind of falling out that used to take friends in business a couple of decades to work up to.
  • Six Startups Trying to Change the World – Qwiki is like Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy come to life: type in a topic — any topic — and you’ll get a narrated, multimedia tour of the subject. Co-founder Doug Imbruce sums it up well: “We think in the future information becomes an experience that you watch,” he says.

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