Creating Creativity in Business

By Christopher Rugh, founder and CEO of Rugly Holdings, Inc.

Most of us don’t realize this or think of it for that matter, but creativity plays a major part in both our business and everyday life. We use creativity in combination with our other skills in order to plan events, solve problems, map out tasks and even plan our daily lives. As business owners or even employees, we are in constant competition with others, either competing against rival companies for contracts or as an employee competing against fellow employees for that raise or promotion.

Now, most of you will agree that in order to stay on top of your game, you constantly have to come up with new ideas or bring new life to old ones, and in doing so, you will need creativity to keep those ideas popping. However, creativity is like a muscle. If you don’t exercise it, it will stay underdeveloped and go unnoticed. Plenty of times during my motivational seminars I ask my listeners, “How many of you believe you’re creative?”, and every time I am surprised by the small amount of people who believe they are creative.

Creativity is NOT a gift; it is my belief that everyone has the ability to be exceptionally creative. The problem is that in most people their creative ability is underdeveloped because of lack of exercise, and it is on that matter that I want to focus today. I want to help you get your creative juices flowing, and therefore help you attain and maintain that cutting edge, which will keep you ahead of your competitors. I am not saying that creativity is the sole ingredient that’s going to keep your business “cooking,” but in combination with your other business skills, you could use creativity to keep your clients mesmerized and happy.

When it comes to exercising your creativity, there are plenty of Web sites giving you tips and telling you to do this or that. However, through the years, I’ve picked up on some key elements to successfully help me through the creative process, especially during those times when I experience a creativity blockage. I have found that the lack of inspiration or motivation can be a huge damper on the creative process, so before you even start on your “project,” you need to get your head in a “good” place. Go on vacation or do something you really love— just get some space between yourself and the pending project. In other words, RELAX.

This formula has successfully proven itself to me over and over again, as working some relaxation into your schedule will help your creative juices flow abundantly (and save your sanity). For me to stay on top of my game, I ensure I have a balance between business and fun in my life, in addition to keeping my mind and body in top physical condition. You can’t expect to attain peak performance if you don’t take care of every aspect of your being.

Don’t get discouraged if you struggle to come up with mind-blowing ideas right away; remember that even the most creative-thinking person had to start at one point or another. Practice makes perfect. The more you focus on developing your creativity, the easier it’s going to become. Throughout everything, though, always remember to have FUN.

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