Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

  • Win Six Months of Free PR – Vantage Communications, a public relations firmed based out of San Francisco, is offering six months of free services! Apply by September 17 2010, and get your PR services for free!
  • The One That Got Away – Jim Baum explains how he took a failure and turned it into a success. His solution is to stay optimistic, and don’t berate a company for their “mistake” in not choosing you.
  • When the World is Your Office – One entrepreneur explains how she transformed her cycling passion into a thriving travel business.
  • Why I’m Not Hiring – Small businesses aren’t hiring because of stringent lending rules by banks and the economy, as well as new legislation like the Financial Regulation and the Health Care bill that was passed. No one knows if there will be massive, new taxes if you hire, or how much you’ll have to pay for your employees’ health care.

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