Kia Ora from the EO Queenstown University!

Motivational speaker Mark Inglis speaking during General Session at the 2012 EO Queenstown University.

The highly anticipated 2012 EO Queenstown University (currently being held in Queenstown, New Zealand, from 22-26 February) kicked off with a conch shell call, Maori dancing and a rousing presentation led by explorer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Mark Inglis. People laughed, people cried (I think) and everyone left General Session full of energy and excitement.

That energy was applied to a night of networking at The Skyline, where members from around the world participated in a “100% Kiwi Welcome Evening Social.” Over the course of the night, members ate food fit for a king (oysters, venison, shrimp the size of footballs); participated in a luge; enjoyed a ride in a gondola; and traded business cards against a backdrop of beautiful Queenstown.

Another update coming tomorrow!

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