Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

  • In Europe, a Mood of Austerity and Anxiety – Anastassios Haros never used to be angry or afraid. These days, that’s almost all he feels after Greece became the epicenter of a European debt crisis that continues to unnerve financial markets and is now manifesting itself in government cutbacks, personal hardships and labor unrest.
  • Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy After Online Rivals Gain – Blockbuster Inc., the world’s biggest movie-rental company, filed for bankruptcy after failing to adapt its storefront model to online technology pioneered by rivals such as Netflix, Inc.
  • There’s Big Opportunity in Lower-Cost Ads – With advances in technology redefining the advertising market, small and medium-size businesses are benefiting from new opportunities to reach consumers–from reduced costs in traditional media to online, mobile, and social networking opportunities.
  • : Michael Davis knew it was time for a change. Although he had hired two salespeople, handling sales was still taking up most of his workday. That left precious little time for Davis to focus on other aspects of running his business, Savid Technologies, an IT security consultancy in Chicago.
  • Management Tip of the Day – Create a Simple Strategic Principle – Helping employees understand a strategy while simultaneously motivating them to achieve it is a dire challenge for many leaders. Creating and sticking to a pithy, memorable, action-oriented phrase can help.

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